$650 hemp license is required to sell Hemp Extract (CBD) in Florida


Happy new year to all, and as is customary at the start of each year, new regulations are published, and Florida is no exception this year.

So in Florida, there is a new Senate Bill 1020 that was passed last summer and took effect on January 1st. This affects not only those of you who own CVD brands, manufacturers, and similar entities in Florida but also those of you who sell CVD products in Florida. Whether you are based in Florida or sell CVD products in Florida, you must have a sam. It seems as if it’s a year every year from what I’ve been studying and this is because oil is considered a food simply because people add it to them out it’s a fact we all know you can use it for your skin and joints and things like that but because it’s made for ingestion you get a license, and that’s what the license is for it’s a food license. So I’m going to go through a few of those. Thirdly, you will be prohibited from contacting son C B, and therefore they will structure your business down. From what I understand, those of you who operate businesses out of Florida now consider hemp extract to be a substance, a compound intended for ingestion derived from hemp and does not contain any other controlled substances. no the cotton food laws do not cover hemp and a food permit will be required to carry and food products so will I need a food permit if I want to sell CBD or hemp extract online and not in a store yes if food permit is still required by the state to sell online now from doing some research if you are say out of California from my understanding didn’t need a permit to sell in to the Florida but you’re required to have all your lab reports and every single product needs to have lab reports there’s labeling requirements that are that are there in place and I will cover that in the next video on how to live a properly for the state of Florida which actually will help you in other states because states like New York drop the hemp laws and I will go over that in another video but this is becoming the norm so if you have a mobile food establishment so if you have mobile truck and you want to sell CBD in there yes you need a license and now as far as health claims you can’t make any claims to diagnose cure mitigate treat prevent a disease so if you’re saying that CBD treats MS you can have that on your website if you sell CBD as far as I know if you’re our education base like we are there’s nothing saying that we cannot say that but if you are selling CBD or hemp extracts you are required to not mention any of the information and so one of the other topics is a proof source for hep extract so I’ll have extract must be processed and distributed by facilities that are permitted and expected by the local or state food safety jurisdictions and that includes other states so if you’re in Texas you have to make sure that you are up on up with all your regulations this is you covered by the your CD and or else we can’t sell in Florida and so one of the questions they have is how can I verify that hemp products that I carry have acceptable levels of THC this is where it’s important to have proper lab testing so those of you who make products in your kitchen those of you sell products and did I get tested you are required to have lapped lab reports and lab testing to make sure that the Delta 9 THC levels are up to par and so one of the things that’s on required on the labeling is to have batch numbers you need to have who’s you manufacturer on there and so it’s required to have it on your website and on the label itself you need to have your website on there soon so one of the important things that they’ll affect people those brands that sell bottles in clear bottles see if you you still see be the water or meat ensures that not in a dark bottle that’s clear it needs to be in a dark bottle and according to the regulations here hemp extract must be packaged and containers that minimize exposure to light due to the decoration of cabin oils stored at or below room temperature so this is something that we’ve been talking about for years now for example you see bottle of water it’s a clear containers any light gets to it especially when it’s stored in the store and the shelves the cameras degrade and so it may be 10 milligrams of CBD in that bottle but sitting in for six months a year and it gets tested may show zero because that light the great CBD that’s in there and it’s no longer accurate and then you can get fine so if you want like a different information like I said it’s all in the link in the description or you know which is on our website you could call the FDA ACS business center at eight five zero two four five five five two zero I can go online to FDA C gov we have all of the information under so this is interesting because it’s becoming a norm like I said states like New York they’re their new last requirements for hemp in this state I have to dig through that regulations and do another video on it but please be prepared this is going to be the industry standard going forward if you would like to get our book CBD for beginners and how to grow CBD indoors probably well-written it’s simple and it’s both of them are made for you to read in one sitting it’s available as CBD the house slash book which book goes to our supporting us continue to educate you the consumer thank you so much have a beautiful day and I hope you all have a prosperous 2020 love you bye those that said your pain isn’t real too slow too hard – soft – all too limited to them we say too bad everyone deserves good and clay CBD you

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