Can you develop a tolerance to CBD?


Hey there welcome to another episode of ask dr patel where i answer your questions about cbd. cbd products and cannabis now today’s question comes in from john of colorado springs colorado and here’s what he asks dr patel is it possible to build up a tolerance to cbd and john my answer to your question is is that it’s absolutely possible to build a baton cecility and it typically happens because you’re taking too high of a dose or you’re taking the cbd too often so what ends up happening is that when you take the cbd in too high of a dose or if you’re taking it too often you start to experience fewer and fewer of the medical benefits and more and more of the side effects okay so as an example i had once had a patient who was struggling with severe back pain my patient had tried um you name it conventional medication options alternative treatments and he had stopped short of surgery so came to me um looking um to cannabinoids for some relief tried cbd it worked fantastically and then two to three weeks later he called me up and said hey doc this the cbd was working great and now all of a sudden it’s not working so what ended up happening was that my patient had been taking got overzealous um because he had all of a sudden experience relief that he hadn’t otherwise experienced in years so he got overzealous and he was taking way more than the recommended dose and uh it was taking the cbd way too often and so eventually i guided um my patient and um you know the tolerance went down and he went back to experiencing the relief that he had experienced from the cbd before so uh john i hope that helps to answer your question um for others out there watching if you have questions for me please post them in the comments section below make sure you subscribe so that you don’t miss out on the next video be sure to share and like this video as well alright guys thank you for tuning in i’ll catch you next time bye

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