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Most people actually feel the effect within just 5 minutes because our products are enhanced with nanotechnology to be up to 10 times more effective than regular CBD oils.

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CBD American Shaman is the fastest growing CBD store franchise in the US with over 600 stores, because our products work! With a money-back guarantee!

Here are 5 Reasons Why CBD American Shaman Products are Superior
Reason #1 – Made from Organic Help in the USA – All our products are harvested, extracted and made in the United States using 100% organic and full-spectrum hemp oil. And we batch test our products at an independent lab to ensure the highest quality.

Reason #2 – Low-heat Natural CO2 Extraction – We use a special low-heat CO2 extraction process which the most effective way to extract the CBD because it preserves the vital food factors and all the active ingredients in the hemp oil.

Reason #3 – Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil – All our CBD extract comes from whole-plant hemp oil that contain the full range of beneficial hemp oil compounds such as terpenes, flavonoids, secondary cannabinoids and everything else nature provides in the hemp plant.

Reason #4 – All our CBD products are Rich in Terpenes – Terpenes are the primary active ingredients in all essential oils made from medicinal plants and flowers, including the hemp plant.

Reason #5 – Our Proprietary Nanotechnology Makes Our CBD Water Soluble and up to 10x More Effective – CBD American Shaman spent years developing a nanotechnology process that converts normal CBD oil (oil-based) into a water-soluble CBD in order to make more effective CBD products. This unique process reduces the particle size of normal CBD oil from 4,000 nanometers to less than 100 nanometers, which increases the potency and bioactivity of our CBD products by up to 10 times compared to regular CBD oils. Regular CBD oil must go through the body’s digestive process, so it loses about 90% of its benefits.


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Is The ADHD Supplement Magnesium Your Best Choice?

As an ADHD supplement, magnesium may be recommended. A recent study, conducted by the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in Germany, concludes that a combination of zinc, magnesium and omega-3 fatty acids called EPA and DHA are beneficial.

A Natural ADHD Supplement Is Better – Discover Why

Many parents choose an ADHD supplement, rather than a prescription drug for their children. Many adults with attention deficit disorders also choose supplements rather than drugs. Here are some of the reasons people prefer to go the natural route

The Best Natural ADHD Supplement Should Start With The Basics

What is the best natural ADHD supplement? There are actually several to consider.

A Quick ADHD Supplement Guide With Nutritional Tips

Here is a very brief ADHD supplement guide. It is not possible in an article of this length to cover all of the supplements that could be beneficial for the condition. But the first step should be to provide an excellent nutritional foundation.

Supplement For ADHD – How To Compare And Make Your Best Choice

Concerned about how to choose a supplement for ADHD? Here you will learn how to compare the products and make a good choice by looking for some key words.

ADHD Supplements – What Are The Benefits and Cautions?

There are a number of ADHD supplements that may be beneficial, although supplement manufacturers in the US are not generally allowed to make claims about the benefits. The laws are in place to protect people from snake oil salesmen, but it does make getting accurate information a little more difficult. This is a summary of the latest info.

Is Eating Organic Foods Really the Healthiest Choice?

Most tend to believe that any food with the organic tag is the one that will bring about the best health. Studies have shown that this is not the case.

Holistic Benefits of Functional Medicine

Functional medicine offers an array of holistic benefits from improved physical health to improved mental health. This new wave of medicine is becoming more and more popular over the years and for some people has been able to completely take over resulting in a healthier happier lifestyle. If you are one of those people who is constantly getting sick, functional medicine can help you identify and address the causes of your illnesses.

Natural Immune System Boosters

Long-term and short-term illness can take a toll on your immune system. While the cost to recover from either might be different, you can use immune system boosters regardless of the time you didn’t feel well. Even if you just feel run down and don’t want to get sick, simple things can rebuild your immune system.

DITI – Thermography Cameras and Thermal Drift

What is DITI? It is an acronym for Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging.

Understanding the Word “Wellness”

The term wellness has also been promoted in books, newsletters, social media, worksite educational initiatives, videos and many other ways. A diverse cast of wellness advocates, including physicians, nurses, health practitioners, fitness trainers, coaches and other individuals and institutions have contributed to a growing but still modest public awareness of the term. Unfortunately, so too have advertisers of products and dubious promoters of healing remedies, but these efforts have been exploitations of the word. Wellness has been used to help sell dog food, quack remedies and no end of foolishness along these lines. The commercial cast of wellness distortion artists has not added value, only confusion, to public understanding of the term’s meaning. To date, there has been little standardization; wellness means what anyone says it means-at least to that person.

Discover The Tips For Better Juicing By Using These Pointers

Fresh, healthy vegetable and fruit juices are a good addition to the diet, and there is no reason to not drink them being that they are very easy to create right in your own home. If you’re not sure of ways to get started, this short article can provide you with some suggestions on getting the best from your juices.

Understanding The Common Cold From A Holistic Approach

The upper respiratory system is infected in the common cold. It is caused by a viral infection which primarily involves the rhinoviruses and coronaviruses. The common cold is the most common infection in humans today. The average person contracts it at least a few times per year.

Beyond Helping Us Sleep: The Many Health Benefits of Melatonin

Many times my patients will tell me that they have problems sleeping – they either have trouble getting to sleep or they have problems staying asleep. Not surprising, generally around our late 40’s – 50’s we start to become deficient in melatonin, a hormone that regulates our sleep patterns. As we near age 60, melatonin stores decrease even further.

Massage for Therapy

Reiki is a form of massage therapy that was developed by a Japanese Buddhist, Mikao Usui, in 1922. Since then, the teaching and technique have be continued and adaptations made by various other teachers. Those that practice the technique say that they are moving energy in the form of ki using their palms.

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