we know how to use CBD professional like a doctor here is a professional review for OUR OWN PERSONAL DOG TREATS and how many pets I have on OUR dog treats I have probably over more than 250 pets that we have helped probably more on a regular basis right now we have probably a total of only 67 pets were helping but we’re going to expand and broaden that Spectrum because who else has been there for you through this pandemic with a small donation you can get your pet exactly what he just has reviewed for us thank you God bless you and we’re not here for the money we are here for you have a good day CBD dog treats available at 2020ediblez.com
we have biscuits right now and we have bacon strips available for you check them out donate thank you we accept cash app only donations only have an awesome day keep watching all our pet reviews we got so many pet reviews we should have like just a channel for pet reviews we’re distributor of many things but I guess you know we’re going to make a separate channel for CBD pet products all items are for religious purposes only you’re not responsible for misuse of product

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