CBD for Glaucoma – For Medical Professionals


welcome to another episode of ask Dr Patel where i answer your questions about cbd. cbd products and cannabis now today i have a very special episode for my medical fellow medical professionals especially those who deal with problems of the eye so you know my followers who are optometrists my followers who are ophthalmologists etc so i am going to answer uh a very common question that that comes up for you which is um you know should i use cbd for glaucoma so what i want to do is go over the results of two different studies and then i’ll give you some um you know suggestions based on my clinical experience so um first study was published in 2018 and it looked at the effects of topically applied thc and cbd on living mice and intraocular pressure was measured by rebound tonometry overall it was found that while thc lowers intraocular pressure through activation of cb1 and gpr 18 receptors cbd actually raises intraocular pressure and it raises intraocular pressure in two different ways so the first is directly it raises intraocular pressure through cb1 receptor antagonism and the second is indirectly so it interferes with the intraocular pressure lowering effects of thc so basically it was found that at equal concentrations cbd prevented the intraocular pressure lowering effects of thc now the second study was a pilot study that was published in 2006 it also looked at the effects of thc and cbd but in this case it was uh the tnc and cbd were sublingually administered and they were it was administered in humans so this was a randomized double mass placebo-controlled four-way crossover study in which six patients with ocular hypertension or early primary open-angle glaucoma received a single sublingual dose of either thc low-dose cbd high-dose cbd or placebo and two hours after sublingual administration of thc the intraocular pressure was significantly lower than after being given placebo the intraocular pressure returned to baseline after four hours now cbd administration did not reduce intraocular pressure at any point in time in fact what it did was that the higher dose of cbd produced a transient elevation of intraocular pressure at four hours after administration and overall visual acuity visual acuity was not significantly changed so i know that there’s a lot of physicians out there because of a lack of knowledge oftentimes they’ll tell patients you know go ahead and give cbd a try you know it may be worth a shot in this case in the case of glaucoma it’s actually not not the case right it’s not worth a try because um it could potentially as was shown in the study published in 2006 it could potentially transiently elevate uh intraocular pressure okay so i would err on the side of caution and um actually discourage patients who have glaucoma from uh using cbd products for this reason all right guys i hope you found this information helpful um if you have questions for me  alright thanks so much for tuning in i’ll catch you next time bye

CBD for Glaucoma – For Medical Professionals

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