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Hemp Bombs traditional gummies, containing 15mg of CBD, are a best-seller due to their calming effect. However, our 30mg CBD Gummies take comfort a step further with a more concentrated serving of CBD. Try our sleep gummies blend – enhanced with 5mg of melatonin – for a more restful slumber. And if you want to really boost your daily wellness, try our Immune Support CBD Gummies with 15mg of premium CBD and 50mg of elderberry extract. No matter which variation you choose, you can be sure you’re receiving top-grade Cannabidiol extract in our gummies that can help you feel great and relax now.

And when we say we get our CBD Gummies Done Right, don’t just take our word for it – our CBD Gummies were named a Retailer Choice Best New Product winner for 2020 by CSP! We know gummies and we know how you like them. We manufacture almost 2 million gummies each day.

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Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies are available in:
Original with 15 mg of CBD
High potency containing 30 mg of CBD
Sleep featuring 15 mg of CBD and 5 mg of the sleep aid melatonin
Immune Support CBD Gummies with Elderberry Extract, featuring 15 mg of CBD and 50 mg of elderberry extract.

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A Holistic Approach to Healthy Aging

For centuries, people have looked for the secret to eternal youth. Explorers have gone into unknown territory, from the exotic orient to sunny Florida in search of the magical substance that would help man live forever. Today, the prize remains elusive despite all the advantages we have made in science.

What Is Hormone Imbalance In Women?

Hormone imbalance can have several causes, though it is commonly manifest in women experiencing an extraordinary increase in estrogen levels, accompanied by a disproportionate increase in progesterone levels. As hormones, estrogen and progesterone act as the body’s chemical messengers – taking charge of normal sexual development and menstrual cycle regulation.

Why Holistic Addiction Treatment Is Crucial

Any kind of addiction involves the body, mind, soul and spirit. Even though an individual’s appearance does not reflect its signs, its damaging effects could already be creeping over the individual’s inner being. This is why experts do advise holistic addiction treatment more than the conventional one.

Sports Chiropractor for Athletes

Did you know that chiropractic care is now part of the sports medicine program of the United States Olympic Committee? Its true, not only is chiropractic care gaining popularity in general health trends, but it has earned its gold star in the sports world as well…

PEMF and Shingles

PEMFs are expected to decrease the inflammation and pain related to shingles attacks. PEMFs are somewhat antiviral, but most of their activity is expected to be through the modulation and strengthening of the body’s own immune responses to recurrence of these infections.

The Joys of Reiki Before And During Pregnancy

Every woman at one stage of life considers the prospect of pregnancy and becoming a mother. For some it’s a choice that just happens naturally (after a little fun that is), for others there is a desire which then needs careful planning and preparation.

Picking a Holistic Health Provider

In the modern era, people have become very conscious about their health. In fact, it is a bit ironic that they worry so much about being healthy that they often become sick in their pursuit of the perfect body. This is largely due to a mistaken attitude about the body.

How Do I Sleep Better in a Holistic Way?

Most of us have probably experienced insomnia at one time in our lives. There is probably nothing more horrible than not being able to sleep, whether the cause is physiological, stress-related, or worse, just unexplained.

Holistic Health Practices to Keep Kids Healthy

If you have school-age children, you probably know that they are at a high risk for colds and other viruses that are constantly making the rounds of classrooms, buses and playgrounds. Children’s immune systems are less developed than those of adults are, and having them all together in a space like a schoolyard naturally causes them to pass infections to one another.

Three Important Principles Behind Holistic Medicine

Today, medicine is widely thought of as a scientific field, but in the past, it was something that involved religion and superstition more than rational thought. The very first doctors and healers were often shamans and priests, and they saw disease as the result of a disruption in spiritual, as well as physical well-being.

Major Benefits and Various Other Aspects of Colostrum

This article examines bovine colostrum benefits to the body. It also pays attention to the impact of colostrum supplements on the body towards the fight against cancer and also boosting the immune system of patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

Powerful Turmeric Health Benefits

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial elements to it. These make it a powerful healer for arthritis, cholesterol disease, Azlheimer’s disease, cancer and many more conditions.

Simply Nourishing

Diet Theories. Where do you go when you want to eat well? Why does it have to be so complicated? It doesn’t have to be. Let simplicity rule and follow these basic and simple rules to healthy eating.

Treating Yeast Infection Effectively With Probiotics

Most people have heard of and even used antibiotics plenty of times. While the discovery of antibiotics was a major breakthrough in medicine and helped treat many conditions, the downside is that it killed off good bacteria needed by the body in addition to the disease causing bad bacteria. Research into probiotics and its benefits for treating yeast infection effectively as well as other conditions is one of the best responses for antibiotic overuse.

Wealth Goes Hand In Hand With Wellbeing

A successful life is more than financial wealth. It is the freedom and ability to live the life you dream of without any guilt or regrets about your past. Regrets about what could have been are unresolved emotional issues that are still in the subconscious mind leading to limiting beliefs, further frustrations. There is no complete sense of wellbeing if we are not able to face up the truth about our past and move forward.

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