CBD Oil in NZ – Frequently Asked Questions – Interview Dr Waseem Alzaher (made with Spreaker)


In this episode, Dr Waseem Alzaher, from the Cannabis Clinic in Takapuna Auckland, talks to us about medicinal cannabis in NZ and answers a few very common question he gets asked.

What is CBD Oil? CBD oil stands for Cannabidiol and is the non-psychoactive component of the cannabis plant. The other main compound in cannabis is THC.
Read more here: https://cannabisclinic.co.nz/cbd-oil/

Is CBD oil legal in NZ?
Yes, CBD oil and medicinal cannabis are legal prescription medicines in NZ. All you need is a doctors prescription.

Read more here: https://cannabisclinic.co.nz/is-cbd-oil-legal-in-nz/

Does medicinal cannabis make you high?
Using CBD does not make you high at all. It is very safe and well tolerated. Using THC at low therapeutic doses also does not make you high.

Is CBD oil safe?
CBD oil is really well tolerated and safe to use long term.

Where can I buy CBD oil in NZ?
You can purchase CBD oil after getting a prescription from you doctor through the pharmacy or a dedicated cannabis dispensary.
Access the cannabis clinic dispensary here: https://cannabisclinic.co.nz/nz-online-dispensary/

What can CBD oil help with? What conditions can it treat?
Medicinal cannabis can help with a number of conditions. CBD oil specifically is useful for inflammation, anxiety, pain and insomnia. THC is more effecting to treat difficult sleeping issues, PTSD, significant pain, nausea and cancer treatment side effects.

To learn more about each health condition, click on the links below:
Pain – https://cannabisclinic.co.nz/medicinal-cannabis-pain-nz/
Sleep – https://cannabisclinic.co.nz/medicinal-cannabis-sleep-nz/
Mental health – https://cannabisclinic.co.nz/medicinal-cannabis-mental-health-nz/

Are there any side effects of using CBD oil?
CBD oil is really well tolerated and safe to use. There are a couple of medications it may interact with and those with severe liver issues need medical supervision. Speak to your doctor about this.

Is CBD oil safe for children?
Yes, CBD oil is safe to use in children and we use it to treat a number of conditions.

What dose should I use?
Most people take 25 – 100mg of CBD oil. The starting dose is 25mg for most of our patients and we increase it to 100mg spread over 3-4 doses if we do not see any benefit.

Is it the same as hemp oil?
Hemp oil is extracted from the seeds of hemp plants and contains almost no CBD or THC. CBD oil is extracted from the cannabis flower and contains active ingredients.

What is the cost of CBD oil in NZ?
CBD oil costs $3-5 per day and THC costs $1-2 per day. The cost really depends on the dose you use.

How can I buy CBD oil?
CBD oil is prescription only medication and you can purchase it after consulting with a doctor. This is either through a cannabis dispensary or your pharmacy.

Will using medicinal cannabis get picked up on in a drug test?
Using CBD oil should not show up in a drug test but using THC products will. Using prescription products at work may require the support of your doctor or supporting documents.

Do you have any questions you would like answered in our next podcast? Please email Dr Waseem directly 

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