CBD Oil [What To Expect & How To Get Started]


Hello, my name is Katherine, and I’m a certified nutrition consultant for foods that heal you and foods that heal you CBD. In this video, I will discuss what to expect when you begin using hemp-derived CBD oil. Before I start, I get many questions about the products, such as how many servings they contain and how to use them. Therefore, below this video, I’ll provide a link to my website if you click on a product. The second thing to note is that when you do use CBD hemp oil, it has a very subtle effect; these are not drugs; these are superfoods; you are not going to suddenly be able to run 25 miles because you took CBD hemp oil and had such excellent results; this is not a drug; this is a superfood; the effect will be subtle; you may notice calmness; you may see oh my I’ve had people tell me that the first time they use it for sleep, it works immediately. But, since it regulates your sleep cycles, it can take up to a week to get the full effects of sleep. So be patient and give it time if you don’t see immediate results. The last thing you’ll want to know while using hemp drive CBD oil is the possibility of detox symptoms.
Suppose you take your product and experience a headache or mild dizziness or feel fatigued, and you’re taking a standard serving size, not mega dosing, or experiencing skin breakouts within the first week. In that case, those are all signs of detox. Slight migraine dizziness at first, and I’m talking dizziness for about 30 seconds to a minute, something similar to what happened to me when I tried vaping or skin breakouts because this is a superfood. If you put something healthy and full of nutrients in your body, it’s going to stir up toxins and push the toxic waste out. If the poisonous waste has no escape route, it’s going to get in. These are all temporary headaches, skin breakouts, and the like. I have a separate video that I use for the detox program that I will link to below, or I will have pop up on the screen or something that you can look at for a much more detailed explanation, so if you do experience headaches, there are a few things you can do. You can drink additional water to help flush out the toxins and help cleanse. Make sure you have healthy bowel movements every single day because every time you don’t have a bowel movement, those toxins recirculate in your blood, and you auto-intoxicate yourself. It’s extremely unhealthy if you do not have bowel movements. Please contact me if you need assistance in that region. At first, ease off for a couple of days and allow your body to catch up; what you’re doing allows your body to catch up and remove the toxins that were stirred up. Then, gradually increase your activity, perhaps at a slower rate. I had a gentleman who was experiencing neck pain, and the drops were working well for him, but when he upgraded to the pure oil concentrates, which were more robust, he began experiencing headaches. What he did was he began alternating days, he backed off for a few days to let the headache pass, and then started taking one serving every other day. It turns out that is what he needs is one serving every other day. I have a separate video about how much to take because everybody is different. You really need to experiment, but as I mentioned in the video initially, start with the general rules and serving sizes, and I’m not trying to complicate this; I’m simply trying to set rational expectations. I don’t want you to purchase hemp dr CBD oil and believe that you’re going to have a miracle cure or that your cancer will vanish the next day. This is a superfood, not a drug, and it has been seen and studied to have unique, promising effects, but you do have to be patient with it, you do have to give it time to work on your body, and hopefully, this video can help you get started. I also have a frequently asked questions page on my website, which I’ll link to below. I also have other videos to help you get started.

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