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Cannabis packaging compliance errors can create costly mistakes. They can trigger a recall if products made their way onto pharmacy shelves or result in fines – for example, in January, Maine-based SeaWeed Co. was fined $ 10,000 for packaging product with the company’s logo showed a cartoon mermaid that regulators said they could be construed as attractive to children. Since there are still only federal cannabis legalization laws, each state may have different packaging requirements and compliance rules for cannabis, which means that the packaging requirements for cannabis in Arizona, for example, can be very different from the rules in California.

Cannabis companies and brands don’t have to solve these problems on their own, however, as there are cannabis packaging companies like Inkbrite who understand the need to embed regulatory information into the actual manufacture of cannabis packaging. Inkbrite is a California-based cannabis packaging company helping emerging and legacy brands enter the cannabis market through high impact packaging. Their platform provides an easy way to create stylish, compliant packaging so cannabis companies can focus on what they do best.

We recently spoke to Inkbrite co-founder Laurie Peterson about getting the company started and the importance of cannabis entrepreneurs managing compliance issues around their packaging.

“What if we shed light on the good you can do when you are free to follow your own vision?” Said Peterson.

Founding history

Inkbrite is a women-founded and owned company run by serial entrepreneur Laurie Peterson and business partner Marya Gomez. Peterson has a background in toy making and Gomez has a diverse background in compliance and software development. Together they launched Inkbrite in 2019, supported by a group of investors and consultants.

“A small percentage of the startups funded are run by women. I think that’s partly because of how we talk about entrepreneurship, ”said co-founder Laurie Peterson. “We glorify the risk taking and the wild ride rather than the impact you can make. We imagine the young guy in the hoodie with nothing to lose jumping off a cliff. What if we instead imagine the woman with lifelong experience taking one step at a time? “

Who does Inkbrite serve?

Inkbrite was created “to bring effective cannabis packaging to the independent companies that built the cannabis industry,” said Peterson.

The startup’s primary role as a company is to provide the easiest way to create bespoke cannabis packaging – even for people with little design knowledge, little knowledge of industry compliance, and / or a small budget. The company enables cannabis brands to create powerful impressions that are trending and meet the ever-evolving regulatory market requirements in California.

“Go on, give those big-buck brands a sweat.” – Excerpt from

Inkbrite promises that their cannabis packaging options will:

  • Stylish: Create bespoke packaging together to unlock the unique potential of your cannabis brand.
  • Compliant: Proceed with confidence knowing that Inkbrite’s design platform is regulated by law.
  • Inexpensive: Design Making is free! As soon as you are ready to order, you benefit from all-inclusive prices per unit.

“My long-term perspective has been beneficial to me as a founder,” said Peterson of Inkbrite, her sixth entrepreneurial venture. “I’ve learned not to get too bogged down when my entrepreneurial colleagues shoot up and then fizzle out when I just put one foot in front of the other and believe that we can do it even when I can’t see around the corner , on the way. “makes sense somewhere.”

Inkbrite’s services also include compliance reviews for cannabis product labels, as well as a checklist review of current cannabis product packaging against the company’s compliance checklists. Ultimately, their goal is to make sure that all California based customers only 100% compliant packaging.

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