Congress directs the FDA to “sample current CBD products for mislabeling & doctoring”

10 Benefits of Astragalus Root – Fortify Your Immune System and Relieve Stress With Astragalus Root

Astragalus Root is an amazing herb that is native to the Eastern region such as China and Mongolia. The herb has been used to support the immune system and treat many other health problems for centuries. It has the ability to fight infection and cancer. Here are 10 Health Benefits of Astragalus Root!

10 Benefits of Bladderwrack – Heal and Cleanse Your Body With Bladderwrack

Bladderwrack is another form of Kelp, with very high amounts of nutrition. It is mainly used to treat the thyroid because of its high amounts of Iodine. This seaweed is great for helping with weight-loss because of its ability to boost metabolism. Here are 10 Health Benefits of Bladderwrack!

Enhancing Your Life With Supplements

Supplements can be very beneficial to your health. They don’t always have to be pills, but usually are. Some of the top enhancing treatments can be used that use natural herbs, nutrients, and extracts to give you boosted results in anything that you’re doing.

What Are The Benefits Of Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement?

Once the age of forties to fifties sets in, people start to be free of their responsibilities. This is probably the right time when you can also start thinking about yourself and your aspirations as well as dreams. This is also the age where a lot of hormone related problems start to set in women.

10 Benefits of Marshmallow Root – Fight Infection and Boost Immunity With Marshmallow Herb

Marshmallow Root is an amazing herb used mainly to relieve the symptoms of cough, sore throat, and upset stomach. It also helps people with chapped skin and helps speed the healing of wounds. In addition, it is used for its well-known ability to fight infection and to boost your immune system. Here are 10 Health Benefits of Marshmallow Root!

Your Pure Diet Products Options in the Nutritional Supplement Marketplace

There’s a big industry for diet products today. This $23-billion sector is on the brink of making more. The launch of drugs comparable to Xenical, Alli, and other weight reduction formula drugs have helped increase the profile of the sector. The good news is that these kinds of trends have lifted consciousness with regards to morbid obesity and the various health concerns connected with this condition.

My “Top Three” Secret Weapons for Adding “Whole Food” Sources of Omega-3 to Your Diet

Omega-3 fatty acids provide a powerhouse of nutritional benefits to your body. One of the toughest challenges of ensuring that you obtain enough omega-3 from diet alone lies in knowing what food choices to make. In my opinion, the easiest way to increase your dietary consumption of omega-3 is to make fish the superstar of your menu.

Bound in a Soft-Gel: The Facts Behind Autism and Omega-3 Supplements

“I could be bound in a nutshell, and count myself king of infinite space, were it not that I have bad dreams.” You can’t help but wonder whether Shakespeare knew anything of autism when he wrote this line, or how his young son Hamnet met his demise. We live in a relatively enlightened age now, but for the less informed ones amongst us, the autistic spectrum is just another name for a dungeon of ignorance from which there is no escape.

A Wholefoods Approach to Good Health

If your family is anything like my family, we start out with the best of intentions as far “eating healthy” is concerned, but then our “good intentions” just melt away under the harsh glare of real life. Our life is busy, and it is hard to make time to actually plan our mealtimes with intention and good health in mind.

The Perfect Muscle Gain Supplement! Does It Exist Without Any Nasty Side Effects?

Supplements can be risky business. Not only for your pocket but also for your health in general! But worst of all are the supplements you have probably seen or even worse been taking to build muscle.

HGH Enhancers – Do HGH Supplements Have Side Effects?

HGH Enhancers or supplements are safe and do not have side effects. This is largely because they are made up of amino acids and other natural ingredients and do not really contain any synthetic HGH in them.

Vitamin C and Your Cardiovascular System

Until recently, researchers have focused on vitamin C’s role in fighting infection and have overlooked a function of vitamin C that may be even more critical – its role in preserving the health of the cardiovascular system. It is surprising that this role has been so overshadowed by vitamin C’s other jobs because it is so important.

10 Benefits of Kelp – One Of The Best Thyroid Foods For Healing – Sea Kelp

If I could only recommend one supplement for cleansing the body and healing your thyroid, it would most definitely be kelp. Sea Kelp is loaded with very high amounts of Iodine which is essential for healthy thyroid function. Here’s 10 must know health benefits of kelp.

10 Benefits of Nori – Heal and Cleanse Your Body With Nori Seaweed

Nori is a popular seaweed with very high amounts of nutrition. Eaten mainly in Eastern cultures such as Japan and China, Nori is an essential elements to our diets, and the proof is that the people in those cultures aren’t even aware of many of the health issues many Americans face. Here are 10 Health Benefits of Nori.

Zinc Is One of the Major Minerals Needed in the Human Body

“Zinc” name was given for the first time by Paracelsus, the alchemist, without precising it as being a metal or an ore. In 1556 Georgius Agricola note in “Re Metalica re “as in Goslar, when melting mineral pyrite, runs, first in the oven, a white liquid, which was the zinc. The role of zinc in the human body: First, the minerals required by human body for the operation of apparatus and systems, in:

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