Congress Promotes Cannabis Protection for Immigrants and Veterans (Newsletter: July 1, 2021)

RI secure utility billing; The NM legalization comes into force; Mexican President holds referendum on marijuana; CA psychedelics condemn progress

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The Home Resources Committee Approved a report urging federal agencies to reconsider guidelines for “Hiring and Dismissing Individuals Who Use Marijuana in States Where Personal Use of Marijuana Is Not Prohibited by State Law”. The attached draft spending, which was also approved, contains additional provisions to protect banks that work with state cannabis companies and allows Washington, DC, to legalize the sale of marijuana.

Rhode Island legislature has passed bill to legalize safe places to use illicit drugs. Another vote in the Senate that passed an earlier version is required to send to Governor Dan McKee (D). Separately, a House panel held a hearing on legislation to legalize marijuana.

New Mexicos Law to Legalize Ownership and Home Growing of Marijuana officially went into effect. New cannabis guidelines will also come online later this week in Connecticut, South Dakota, and Virginia.

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is the idea of ​​putting a referendum on the legalization of marijuana on the ballot after a ruling by the country’s Supreme Court that overturned the criminalization of cannabis.

The Public Safety Committee of the California Congregation Assembly Approved Senate-passed law to legalize possession of psychedelics such as psilocybin, LSD, and MDMA. However, it was changed to remove ketamine.

A Letter from the Department of Justice on behalf of the Drug Enforcement Administration argues that access to psilocybin therapy for terminally ill cancer patients could fuel the illicit drug market.

  • “The use of the CSA to limit the use of psilocybin in patients with life-threatening illnesses thus promotes the main goals of the CSA to ‘combat drug abuse and control the legitimate and illegitimate trafficking of controlled substances.


The the Drug Enforcement Administration new administrator was sworn in.

A Customs and Border Protection The response to a Freedom of Information Act request shows that the agency is not putting due process in place for anyone confiscated ayahuasca to prove that it was intended for religious use.

Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) tweeted: “The war on drugs has failed – it didn’t make us safer, it didn’t treat addictions, or it didn’t prevent the terrible opioid epidemic. The continuation of the crack-powder-cocaine disparity is a continuation of a failed drug policy – it is high time we put an end to it. “

Glad. Rand Paul (R-KY) tweeted about acceptance of hemp issues from voters.

Rep Glenn Grothman (R-WI) Vice President Kamala Harris asked, “Have the types of drugs you pour across the border changed in recent years as marijuana became legal in several states?”

Representative Dave Joyce (R-OH) tweeted: “I’m proud to work with @repdonyoung in Congress to reform the federal government’s outdated and untenable approach to cannabis.”

Representative Joe Morelle (D-NY) wrote in a constitutional letter that “we must take steps to address the devastating and discriminatory effects of the marijuana ban”.


Alabama Governor Kay Ivey (R) appointed the state’s new Medical Cannabis Commission.

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves (R) said he spoke to lawmakers drafting medical cannabis laws to replace the voter-approved program that was overturned by the state’s Supreme Court.

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf (D) tweeted: “The vast majority of Pennsylvanians support the legalization of marijuana. But the legislative period has just ended without the legislature having received an invoice on my desk. I’ll keep pushing for Legalization + Restorative Justice until we get it. ”Separately Deputy Governor tweeted, “Open up research on psilocybin. We are the mushroom capital of the world. “

New Jersey Republican gubernatorial candidate Jack Ciattarelli blamed the legalization of marijuana for the cancellation of the July 4th fireworks display.

Wisconsins The spokesman for the assembly accused Governor Tony Evers (D) of playing politics by including the legalization of marijuana in his budget proposal.

Oregon Regulators fined a hemp extractor for failing to meet hazardous waste requirements.

Alaska Regulators have submitted proposed rules to reinstate marijuana licenses.

Montana Regulators have published a checklist for inspecting medical cannabis facilities.

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Oakland, California The Cannabis Regulatory Commission meets on Thursday.

Denver, Colorado Officials will host a webinar on the licensing process for marijuana businesses on Thursday.


The Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada The local council has accepted a motion to support efforts to decriminalize drugs.


A review concluded that “clinical evidence shows that smoked cannabis is soothing” HIV-Associated Neuropathic Pain.

A study of illegal marijuana growers and sellers in South Africa found that, “While participants were pleased about the improvement in their economic fortunes following the commercial legalization of marijuana cultivation and trafficking, they were also pleased about the perceived consequences they had for them might have were concerned about this policy Livelihoods and communities. “


The Democratic Party of New Mexico tweeted, “Thanks to Governor @ Michelle4NM, @NMHouseDems, and @NMSenateDems, recreational use and possession of cannabis is legal in New Mexico!”

The Alabama Democratic Party tweeted: “Cannabis legislation is out of date and widespread support for its legalization is growing across the country. Alabama, let’s not be the last state to #legALize cannabis. “

The Safe Advertising Coalition is a newly formed group advocating the legalization of airborne marijuana advertising on behalf of government broadcasting associations.


Checkr launched a tool that automates the process of clearing marijuana convictions.

A subsidiary of Curaleaf International has entered into a partnership with Zambon GmbH to improve access to medical cannabis in Germany.

Columbia Care Inc. completed a private placement valued at $ 74.5 million.

Tilray, Inc. calls on shareholders to support an increase in the number of shares and changes to company documents.

Vicente Sederberg LLP an environmental, social and governance practice aimed at advising cannabis companies on sustainability, corporate social responsibility, diversity, equity and inclusion.

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