Crystal Clear Delta-8 THC Cartridge Review

For advanced Delta-8 THC consumers looking for a product that offers a full mind and body high in a matter of minutes, look no further than Northwest Cannabis Solutions’ Crystal Clear Delta-8 THC cartridge! This cartridge is a safe way to legally take advantage of the hemp plant’s potent properties while experiencing a euphoric and clear-headed high. Cartridges can be challenging to adjust to, but they deliver a great mind-body joy in less than ten minutes. We’ll discuss both the business and the product in this post. This specific product is only available in Washington state, so residents in nearby states will have to take a road trip to try it. However, for the remainder of us curious about this form of Delta-8 THC administration, let’s dive into this analysis and see how well this product performs.

The NWCS website is incredibly user-friendly, owing to the products’ straightforward categorization: edibles, concentrates (extracts), flowers, and wellness products (topicals and tinctures). Six companies sell cartridges in a variety of types (syringes, cartridges, and vapes), as well as common strains and flavours (Gelato, Tiger’s Blood, Pineapple, Sour Diesel, etc.) in the concentrates portion. Because these items are only available in Washington state, there is no choice for online purchasing or in-store pickup. The platform is more like a list of the items available. As a result, there is no price specified for the commodity or an option to reserve it for a specific spot. A store locator is available, which allows you to enter your city or zip code. I typed Spokane into the search box and was presented with a list of over 30 approved medical and recreational dispensaries carrying NWCS items.

Additionally, the company’s headquarters and contact details were included, as was a comprehensive list of all the brands and goods they carried (Crystal Clear, EZ Vape, Pure Ratios, Chewee’s, and so on). Unfortunately, if you live outside of Washington, you can do nothing to purchase these items, as there is no online checkout service or discount for buying online. If you live in the state or are driving through on a road trip, make a point of stopping by an NWCS dispensary and sampling as many of their goods as possible. But for now, let’s take a look at the Electra 1000mg cartridge.

To use these cartridges, you will need a special pen-style vaporizer. I used the Vuber Pilot Battery, which retails for $15.99 and will be reviewed in a separate report.

Product Review

Half Gram Cart

I was a little anxious about trying the 1000mg Electra cartridge, as this will be my first experience with a Delta-8 THC cartridge. I put the cartridge up to my nose and smelled a lemony hemp scent that was extremely acrid to smell. I inserted the cartridge into the vaporizer’s base and pressed the trigger. I inhaled the vapour for at least 6-10 seconds and waited until my lungs felt full, at which point the citrusy and hemp flavours and scents were much stronger. I intended to inhale the vapour for a few seconds before being overcome by a coughing fit that brought tears to my eyes. This is a common occurrence for seasoned and novice marijuana users, so I wasn’t shocked, but it was an extremely painful few seconds before breathing normally again. My chest felt constricting, and my throat felt raw due to the coughing, and I kept rubbing my sternum to alleviate the discomfort.

Despite this, I was tempted to re-strike the pen to improve lung absorption. To avoid doubling the results, I waited a few minutes to see if the Delta-8 THC began to function, and I was right! I started to feel effects about five minutes after my initial hit, which gradually developed into a wonderful mind-body high. My eyelids became heavy, and it became difficult to hold them open. On the tops of my hands and feet, there was a wonderful cool tingling feeling, as well as a lovely warming sensation. My chest remained sore, but it was much more manageable, and I quickly forgot I had coughed so forcefully. Time seemed to slow down, and I became extremely relaxed and euphoric. I found that my high alternated between dizziness and laziness and alertness and sharp concentration. When I stood to walk, I found a wavy vision but no loss of balance or disorientation.

Around 20 minutes into the high, I found that my throat was still extremely sore from coughing and clearing it was painful. My mouth felt hot as if someone had stuffed a cotton ball inside. I drank a swig of water, which immediately soothed my throat. My tongue felt slightly swollen and heavy, but none of these sensations frightened or panicked me. I was relieved to find that my eyes were no longer swollen, but my eyelids remained heavy and limp. I was very relaxed and calm and eventually fell asleep. I fell into a deep slumber and awoke to feel rejuvenated and ready to tackle the day.

Lab Testing

I was unable to locate any detail about laboratory research on either the product or the website of Northwest Cannabis Solution. If you’ve used this brand previously and can attest to the use of independent third-party lab research, please leave a comment below!

Hemp Information

The Electra cartridge contains fully activated THC and CBD that has been processed using a patented hydrocarbon blend. Additionally, the product is winterized with ethanol and distilled using molecular distillation, ensuring no residual solvents remain in the finished product. There are pesticides in this product, but they are all licensed by the Washington State Liquor Control Board and the I-502 Pesticide list for organic cannabis growers in Washington state. The pesticides are OMRI-registered and are applied during the vegetative stage of the plant but not during flowering. This was unique, as many CBD and hemp firms are adamantly opposed to pesticide use, but Crystal Clear has taken great care to adhere to state pesticide use guidelines.

Product Packaging

The cartridge was packaged in a plain plastic and cardboard container, similar to those used for batteries. The company’s details were prominently displayed on the front, along with the product’s strength (1000mg) and name (Electra). On the front of the package was an intriguing list of cannabinoids, including a whopping 89.5 per cent of Delta-8 THC, Delta-9 THC, CBN, and CBG. Although it is labelled as a Delta-8 THC distillate, the packaging often refers to marijuana and is extremely strict about this substance being made, packaged, and sold legally within the state of Washington to individuals 21 years or older. The packaging lacked a QR code, an expiration date, or user instructions. Apart from the cannabinoids mentioned on the front, there was no list of ingredients or suggested dosage.

For me, the cartridge was interesting in that it was the first Delta-8 THC cartridge I tried. I was taken aback by the violent coughing outburst, but after the initial wheezing and choking feeling subsided, I marvelled at how quickly the THC began to function. The high was strong and lasted several hours, leaving me feeling euphoric and happy. I slept soundly and had a dreamless night, which allowed me to start my morning quickly and without a “high hangover.” This product is recommended for more experienced THC users, especially those who enjoy smoking. If this is your first time using Delta-8 THC, this substance will undoubtedly be potent but not difficult to use. It’ll take some time to adjust to the coughing, but I appreciated how quickly the THC took effect.

Bear in mind that your experience with THC can differ depending on your weight, age, height, and previous use. Stop taking repeated hits until you understand how the body responds to high THC levels. Since this cartridge was powerful after a single shot, multiple shots can result in the infamous “couch-lock,” which induces drowsiness and lethargy and eventually makes you unable to stand or move. When attempting this product for the first time, avoid tasks that include the operation of equipment or machinery, as the THC will slow your reaction time. Consult your primary care provider before attempting to use THC items for the first time.

Have you used any other Crystal Clear or Northwest Cannabis Solutions products? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below! If you’ve ever tried Delta-8 THC cartridges, you’ll know that this is a high-quality product with outstanding flavour and a strong high. I highly recommend this product to advanced THC users who enjoy a calming high that aids in falling asleep and maintaining a restful state of sleep. This product can be more daunting to first-time users, but it works wonders once you get used to it. You can always contact us by email if you have any questions about this or any other product we’ve reviewed. We’re thrilled to share our knowledge of the hemp plant with you in the hope that it will benefit your everyday life. Return soon for another analysis of Two-Hawk Hemp Co.’s famous Delta-8 THC cartridge and tincture!

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