Dad quit his job to grow cannabis during the pandemic

A father of two reportedly quit his job during the coronavirus pandemic and started a cannabis business from home.

Police described how they turned up at a house in Nottingham and found cannabis plants grown in one room and packed for sale in another.

PC Darren Barker, who works for Operation Reacher’s team that disrupts and dismantles the drug trade in Nottinghamshire, described how cannabis production was widespread during the pandemic.

He told Nottinghamshire Live: “Cannabis has gotten massive. I’ve been a cop for 15 years and it’s never been as big as it is now.

“Every week we do something to do with cannabis, whether it’s a cultivation or a seizure.

“We went to one where a man told us he had quit his job and was growing cannabis in the house with two children.

“It was a real business to run from home. He had a heat sealing machine and sent it in the mail so it wouldn’t smell.

“He had a small annex upstairs, and downstairs was his factory with jars of different cannabis strains and he just took orders and shipped them to customers.”

Detective Superintendent Mike Allen, who is fighting serious organized crime in Nottinghamshire, said: “We all hear strange and wonderful stories.

“If that’s the excuse, it’s a naive way of life. The chances of being discovered are extremely high and you will have to live with the consequences – which means that this person’s mistake will follow that person for life.

“Fast cash is long-term pain, it is that simple.

“If that’s your attitude (quit your job to make and sell drugs), if you want to take on this challenge, we’ll find you and confiscate your drugs.”

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