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Rhodiola Rosea Extract Fundamentals

In recent years, consuming adaptogenic herbs has become a common alternative method for people trying to increase their energy and improve their physical endurance. Rhodiola rosea extract remains among the more scientifically studied and supported of these specialized herbal remedies.

Does Tribulus Terrestris Replace Testosterone?

The short answer is no – the longer answer is that you do not want Tribulus Terrestris to replace your testosterone. Hormone replacement has a very aggressive side effect in that it tells the body to stop making its own testosterone because of the sudden flood coming from an outside source – usually a doctor’s prescribed treatment. When the body stops making its own hormones, the testes shrink in size because they are not being used, and also the prostate is more vulnerable to cancer growth.

Tribulus Terrestris – Nature’s Remedy For Low Testosterone

Nature has a way for providing solutions to complex problems that afflict our bodies. Just as there are many plant materials that people eat or smoke for the high they get, nature can and does also provide us with healthy and natural ways to stimulate deficiencies in our body. Our testicles produce the male hormones we need for proper sexual function, muscle mass, body strength and energy and in fact all our motivation to be active and vigorous in our lives is determined by our level of testosterone.

Omega-3 Quality Affected by Cooking Method

The benefits of omega-3 fats are all over the news, and you’re probably aware that eating deep sea fish like salmon will increase the amounts of essential fatty acid in your body. But did you know that the cooking methods influence the effect of omega-3 fats? Omega-3 fatty acids and other polyunsaturated oils are very sensitive to damage from oxygen, heat, and light. If exposed to either of these elements for a long amount of time, the fatty acids become oxidized or rancid.

What Are Tribulus Terrestris And Tongkat Ali For?

Men need testosterone to be men. Because of the unhealthy lives we lead in terms of poor exercise and diets, combined with the pollution we have brought upon ourselves, modern-day man has a massively reduced testosterone level compared to 80 years ago. The side effects of lower than normal testosterone are savage and dangerous.

Omega-3 Supplements Benefit Cancer Patients

A number of studies show that omega-3 supplements can help prevent certain cancers and alleviate some of the symptoms, but new research shows that omega-3 fatty acids can help cancer patients in a different way. A study published in Annals of Surgery shows that patients undergoing esophagectomy for esophageal cancer can avoid the procedure’s risks after taking omega-3 supplements.

Tribulus Terrestris Will Boost Your Low Testosterone

The Chinese have had a society closed to the west at many stages throughout its long and deep history, even if invaders have set up strong holds there. That is, while the west may have pushed its way into China and tried to exert an influence over it, it has been normal for China to not be open about its culture, wisdom, martial arts and knowledge systems. Over the last 30-40 years, much of this has changed with martial arts now widely taught by Chinese masters in the west, and with Traditional Chinese Medicine now widely available as University…

Can Fish Oils Treat Asthma?

Researchers are currently investigating the value of using omega-3 fatty acids to treat asthma, but studies are few and limited. However, the positive outcomes of the research thus far give omega-3 fatty acids potential as a natural asthma treatment.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Vitamins – The Guide

When you visit your local health and drug store, you will notice that there are a lot of different vitamin supplements on the counters and shelves. You may have wondered about their function. Here is some vital information to give you an understanding of the most common vitamin supplements.

What Do Body Builders Use To Boost Testosterone?

Body Builders are reputed to use steroids to promote muscle growth and bulk and without question many if not most do exactly that. In fact to compete, all body builders find themselves in more than just weight lifting training to build up and to sculpt their physique. Their diet plays a significant role just as much as their exercise regime does.

The Thing Doctors Don’t Tell You About Your Low Testosterone

There are benefits to modern medical treatment and modern science has come a long way to understanding what happens inside our bodies over time with aging and disease. But if we take a big picture view, we would properly appreciate that it was only a few decades ago that electro-shock therapy and lobotomies were routinely used to control negative behavior and that there have been many scandals where prescribed drugs have caused massive injury and damage to the population. Least of all we should never forget the devastation caused with HIV because only 30 years ago all blood collection…

Why Choose Isotonic Supplements Over Tablets and Capsules Supplements

Isotonic supplements are considered more beneficial to take than the tablet types. With their special formulation, the nutrients they bring are rapidly delivered to the small intestines and are easily absorbed into the bloodstream within a matter of minutes.

Liquid Vitamins Are More Beneficial Than Pill Vitamins

Vitamin Supplements Are Not Created The Same. Liquid Vitamins Are By Far Gaining Ground In The Vitamins World. Pill Form Vitamins Are Moving Over To Make Room For The New, More Beneficial Liquid Vitamins.

Why Creatine Is Such a Popular Bodybuilding Supplement

Creatine is a naturally occurring chemical produced in the human body. It is created in the liver and kidneys from the amino acids L-arginine, L-methionine, and glycine. Skeletal muscle contains nearly 95% of all the body’s supply.

Best Fish Oil Pills

Anyone who has ever been in the nutrition store knows how complicated it can be when choosing fish oil pills or omega 3 pills from the many that are available. Whenever trying to decide best fish oil supplement you should consider where the source of where the fish came from. In today’s large fishing industry, harvesting seafood from the lakes and oceans loaded with harmful environmental toxins, many fish are full of PCBs, mercury and metals which are very dangerous to consume.

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