Epilepsy children hit by the cannabis bureaucracy as the Scottish MP calls for faster action

A Scottish MP has called for swift action to approve prescription medical cannabis after forcing the UK government to ramp up production of essential epilepsy drugs in the UK.

Greenock MP Ronnie Cowan believes ministers have in principle accepted the moral case for drugs like Bedrocan being available on prescription in the UK.

But bureaucracy means those affected like eight-year-old Scot Murray Gray only have to find private supplies that cost up to £ 1,300 a month.

Murray, from Edinburgh, receives three treatments a day with the cannabis oil, which wards off hundreds of seizures that would threaten his life.

His parents have broken the slow pace of action. In response to a question from Cowan in the House of Commons, Health Secretary Jo Churchill confirmed that she had met with specialist clinicians to discuss evidence of the NHS prescribing.

Mama Karen Gray and her son Murray, eight

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Churchill said, “Establishing clinical trials, with the support of the National Institute for Health Research, is critical to ensuring that we are making the right decisions about routine funding.

“As of April 1st, we launched the National Patient Registry to collect data and monitor patient outcomes in England so that it can be rolled out later this year in Scotland and other decentralized administrations, and licensed and unlicensed cannabis-based medicines on the NHS to involve private patients in due course.

“As he knows, I focus on finding the right solutions for families. But the focus of this matter must always be the safety of what we prescribe. “

Churchill said further meetings will be arranged to review supplies for Bedrocan in the UK.

Cowan said, “I understand drug development is a complicated, time-consuming endeavor, and best practices must be followed at all times, but Matt Hancock promised a solution in months as early as 2019.

“We developed a Covid vaccine in less than a year that was fully tested, manufactured and provided free of charge by the NHS.

“The development and research of medical cannabis should have the same priority.”

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