Hemp vs Marijuana.


You’ve probably heard of the terms hemp and marijuana both being used and you’re curious what the difference between the two of them is. Hemp and marijuana are both part of the cannabis plant species. They also look and smell similar. However, they are actually two different plants.
We’re gonna answer some common questions about both hemp and marijuana and the differences between the two.
To begin, hemp and marijuana both are part of the ‘cannabis’ genus of plants. There are multiple different types of cannabis that have completely different effects. Some subspecies of cannabis plants include cannabis sativa, cannabis indica, and cannabis ruderalis.
Over the years these subspecies of cannabis have been bred together so it’s not always easy to make a clear distinction. Both Sativa and Indica plants are used for recreation and also in the medical marijuana community. Industrial hemp is a variety of Cannabis Sativa. It is related to marijuana but is not exactly the same.

Industrial hemp is part of the Cannabis sativa species. These days it is used for extracting CBD to make supplements and food and is not used recreationally as a drug. Hemp has a great balance of CBD to THC. It is high in CBD and low in THC, the psychoactive compound. The user can experience the benefits of CBD without having a psychoactive effect.
Marijuana is different than hemp due to the fact that it includes much more of the intoxicating compounds of THC than hemp does. High levels of THC found in the plant produces a ‘high’ effect on the user with feelings of euphoria or relaxation. It can also be used medicinally.
Marijuana can be found in both Sativa and Indica varieties.
Even though marijuana and hemp are both part of the cannabis species they have different compositions and active compounds. It can be easy to get confused between the two. After watching this video hopefully its clear what some of the differences are. Hemp is essential to the CBD industry and without it we wouldn’t be able to produce great products like CBD oils, capsules, or salves.

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