How Long Does CBD Stay In Your System?

What Did You Forget Today? The Number One Memory Supplement

Imagine a food which, after digestion, travels right up to the brain and adds to its energy bank. Most people already eat this food, or believe that other foods have this effect. Only certain essential nutrients actually create the mass of your brain, and you may be surprised that fatty fish contain not one, but two.

Omega-3 And Joint Health: How to Avoid Misinformation

Have you ever heard a sales pitch, and realized that the salesperson was ill-informed? I spend a lot of time at health and wellness stores, and I am shocked by the amount of misinformation delivered by well-meaning salespeople. Nutrition information at wellness centers and grocery stores is important, because so many people are directly affected by the supplements they take, or experiment with, based on recommendation.

Top 5 Bestselling Muscle Building Diet Supplements Recommended By Experts

Have you been building your body but feel it’s taking forever for you to achieve your desired size? Then something you may have considered is finding a good bodybuilding diet plan utilizing supplements for bodybuilding. You are probably wondering if this is something you should really be using.

How Omega-3 Is Like Caffeine: There Is a Dark Side

It’s difficult to say whether caffeine is really good or bad. There are arguments in both directions–like with chocolate. We’ll see shortly that fish oil is the same way.

Your Quick Guide to Omega-3 Standards: Put Yourself First

Success is something that everyone wants, but few people are able to define. Understanding success in terms of a medical or dietary supplement is even more difficult. Is omega-3 good for you and your specific needs?

Vitamin E – Tocotrienols and Tocopherols

Vitamin E is a collective term used for a group of chemically similar compounds. All forms of Vitamin E are related with each being fat soluble and possessing antioxidant capabilities. The Vitamin E family contains two subgroups, tocopherols and tocotrienols, each of which can be found in four separate molecular forms (alpha-, beta-, gama-, and delta-).

Toxins in Omega-3 Acids: Side Effects of PCBs

There’s nothing worse than finding out you’ve been eating the wrong thing, or doing the wrong exercise for years. Imagine how people felt when it was first discovered that smoking causes cancer, or that their prize house was full of cancer-causing asbestos. The nice thing is that you already know everything you need to know about mercury.

Two Long Term Effects of Omega-3: Protect Your Health

There are plenty of theories about the success of omega-3 products. One of those theories is that omega-3 isn’t good for you at all, but just an attempt to sell fish products. Of course, the opposing theory is that everyday people are seeing real results, and that these results speak for themselves.

The Next Step: Once You’ve Mastered Omega-3

If you know about reducing the amount of omega-6 and omega-9 in your fish oil, then you’re ahead of the crowd. It feels good to be at least one step ahead in the supplement world, since there’s so much hype and misinformation. Luckily, taking that step and avoiding supplements labeled “Omega-3 6 9” will help you to curtail many of the problems associated with the intake of these fatty acids.

How Omega-3 Slows Aging: It’s Simpler Than You Think

Imagine yourself five years ago, even ten years ago. Now imagine yourself five years in the future. Scary?

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