How to Calculate CBD Dosage


In this video, I’m going to help you understand how to calculate CBD Dosage. So that when your choosing a CBD Product Or if you already have one, you know exactly how much to take. I’ll show you some examples of Holland and Barrett CBD Oil to show you how to make this calculation. As a member of the cannabis trades association, I do need to let you know we do sell CBD here in the UK as a food supplement only. We don’t make any medicinal claims.

In the UK, we suggest starting CBD by using roughly between 0-25mg a day. I feel that 10mg for the vast majority of people is a reasonable amount, to begin with. Some people who are very sensitive or are a bit cautious or wary about using CBD, by all means, use 5mg a day.

We are going to show you now by calculating Holland and Barretts CBD Oil. The 2.75% CBD oil from Holland and Barrett has roughly 275 mg of CBD in the bottle. They have also said that there are approximately 240 drops in the bottle. So what we are doing will divide 275mg by 240 drops, and that’s going to give us 1.14mg per drop. We will then look at the difference between MG Per Drop or Mg per Pipette and Mg Per Pipettes.

The amount of CBD per drop is based on the total mg of CBD in each bottle. The number of drops or pipettes per bottle is based upon the total mg of CBD. The max is 200mg to take in a day. A reputable CBD Supplier will give you these instructions already on the packaging. After seven days of using your preferred amount, then you can double it.

If you feel it necessary, you can then double it again. The amount you take will last you for 20 days if you are taking 25mg a day. If taking 1.25mg per drop, this equates to 20 servings of 25mg per day. You can now easily calculate how much CBD your taking in regards to dosage. You should assess it, amend and change it, and increase it or decrease it depending on how you feel.


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