How to take CBD Oil Explained in 60 seconds

How to take CBD Oil? Check our super-fast 60 seconds guide explaining the basics.

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Our goal at Eir Health is to help you improve the quality of your life by offering you the best CBD products. From field to lab to container, we oversee each hemp plant that goes into this bottle. We leave out the additives and chemicals, then refine THC to less than 0.2%. All that’s left is all that’s good.

Holistic Medicine – An Overview

Holistic medicine describes a way of life that centers on improving the entire being in order to prevent illness and promote wellness and health. While practitioners employ traditional methods of healing, they don’t stop there, instead looking for the root cause of an ailment in all aspects of a person’s life.

Holistic Healing Centers Can Change Your Life

Holistic health is a popular medical philosophy that treats patients by focusing on the most essential physical aspects-taking emotional, spiritual, and physical health into account. For many years, pharmaceutical medications have dominated the world of western medicine. But synthetic medication always carries the risk of creating dangerous chemical reactions in the body.

The Use of Herbal Remedies and Garlic For Rosacea

Because rosacea is a chronic disease, many people find conventional antibiotics and medicines unsatisfactory. When trying herbal remedies found on the internet, sufferers are advised to exercise caution, be aware of possible side effects and know how to minimise any risk. Some herbal remedies work well for some rosacea sufferers but can cause flare-ups in others. Garlic may be one of these and is a trigger for some people; a case where Garlic was successful used is analysed and the possible reasons for this success are identified.

Herbs For Liver Diseases – Natural Treatment and Herbal Remedies

Liver is one of the largest glands of body with the main function of clearing out the blood toxins. Read this article to know some herbs for liver diseases.

Looking For Diet Pills Containing Herbal Remedies?

There are many diet pills that are available in the market today, and most of the available pills on the market are usually made of herbal remedies. Many people are considering diet pills that are made in herbs, knowing the fact the herbs are really effective, it is also safe and will not give you any bad side effects upon consuming it.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) – What You Need to Know About One of the Oldest Forms of Healing

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a healing system dating back over 2,000 years. The practice of TCM includes Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage, dietary advice and tai chi exercises. Here’s what you need to know about traditional Chinese medicine and how it may help you achieve longevity and optimal health.

How Does Holistic Healing Work?

According to practitioners of holistic healing, the body, mind and soul are connected to each other. So, whatever affects the mind will have an adverse effect on the body. That is why holistic healing believes in dealing with the body and mind as a whole instead of separate entities.

Detox and Tone the Liver With Traditional Chinese Medicine

In Oriental Medicine, the nature and quality of food including its flavour, taste and heat/cold nature, determines its healing potential and its ability to balance or unbalance the body. This article discusses how to detox and tone the Liver and Gall-Bladder organs through eating the appropriate food.

Herbal Remedies – Promoting Personal Health

Herbal remedies have been used for thousands of years around the entire world, in almost every society, to promote physical and mental wellbeing. Here, we will go over some of the ways these herbs are used to maintain a healthy body as well as a sound mind, and how you can use them to keep yourself healthy and happy.

Herbal Remedies – Benefits of Herbs

Herbs have been used in medicine for thousands of years, and herbal remedies for curing disease, healing wounds, and even treating emotional and mental disorders are universal in almost every culture. Herbs and other plants have been used to fight off cancer, treat depression, reduce anxiety, decrease the duration of cold and flu symptoms, and much more.

Ashwagandha – India’s Secret Herbal Remedy For Prevention and Treatment

Ashwagandha is an herb from India that prevents dementia, stimulates the immune system, manages hypothyroidism and prevents cancer. In India the root of the shrub is sometimes brewed into a tea. Another widespread use is to dry out a cooked root and pulverize it into a powder that can be mixed with other herbs.

Herbal Remedy Secrets For Sinusitis

Before times of modern medication, herbal remedies were the key to better health and people used sinusitis herbs to address the problems of their sinuses. People were simple back in those days and had to live within their means.

7 Essential Concepts of Traditional Chinese Alternative Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine is the foundation for which homeopathic medicine around the world is based. While Western modern medicines have helped heal disease, traditional Chinese medicine goes a step further, working to analyze the whole body and whole person to prevent disease before it occurs.

Herbal Remedy For Colds

Whether your child will end up in a good class or the right university, it fully depends on their examination results. Therefore, sitting for an examination is a highly stressful event. It is not surprising that most students experience psychological stress with all the pressure that has been added to them in order to be able to perform well.

Achieve True Emotional Stability Naturally With Herbal Remedies

Emotional stability is the key to functioning normally in our society. When brain function is disrupted, it can lead to rapid emotional changes which can leave an individual feeling depressed, irritable and disjointed.

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