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This exciting video was created by a student pursuing a master’s degree in science in biomedical communications at the University of Toronto. The girl’s name is Lee-Ann Chan, and she is a knowledgeable and bright young lady who is currently pursuing her master’s degree; excuse me. It’s an excellent visualization of how the endocannabinoid system works inside the human body. As everyone should know by now from some of our previous videos, the endocannabinoid

In standard pain transmission, nociceptive signals travel up the spine of the Lamech pathway to the thalamus, where they are processed and relayed to cortical and other areas. The sending pathway also includes the periaqueductal grey matter, an essential component of the descending pain modulating system that contains specific cannabinoid receptors. Stimulation of the periaqueductal grey matter results in the release of specific cannabinoid receptors. This is referred to as depolarization-induced suppression of inhibition. It is believed that a synaptic feedback mechanism is an integral part of our normal neuro regulatory processes, including descending pain modulation. In many CNS regions, including the periaqueductal grey, the generation of postsynaptic action potentials is modified by an endogenous cannabinoid regulatory system. The binding of endogenous cannabinoids alters intracellular signal transduction pathways, reducing calcium ion influx into the presynaptic nerve, resulting in a decrease in further neurotransmitter release, which affects the frequency of postsynaptic firing. The administration of exogenous cannabinoids orally or through inhalation can thus provide a method for treating chronic pain. Oral administration has a slower onset of action than inhalation. As exogenous cannabinoids are inhaled, they travel through the respiratory tract to the lung’s alveoli, where they rapidly diffuse through the circulatory system. They then travel through the bloodstream to the central nervous system, where they genuinely diffuse through the blood-brain barrier and into the brain and spinal cord’s surrounding tissues. Exogenous cannabinoids exert their modulatory effects on the abundant endocannabinoid system. Cannabinoids’ effects can be demonstrated by comparing three neuronal synapses that show natural pain transmission. endogenous cannabinoids and exogenous cannabinoid administration

Exogenous cannabinoids injected into the bloodstream bind to cannabinoid receptors on presynaptic neurons and mimicked the endogenous synaptic modulatory effect by decreasing calcium ion influx. In this way, pain and other neural processes are modulated. However, the clinical effects of exogenous cannabinoid administration are not limited to pain and include reducing anxiety and spasticity. The creation of knowledge-based drugs that modulate endogenous cannabinoids read uptake or metabolism can also be helpful in pain therapy. The therapeutic effects of cannabinoids, including their modification of the endogenous cannabinoids signalling mechanism, should be explored further via clinical study.

Make Up For The Loose Ends In Your Vegetarian Diet With Whole Food Supplements

Many people choose to become vegetarians in an effort to support sustainable living or because they believe ethically that consuming animal is wrong. Regardless of which reason you have considered becoming a vegan or vegetarian, there is one problem that scares many people: getting enough protein.

Isolating Your Health Problems

Relying on fast food for your daily “boost” is probably the worst idea anyone can have. These fast food options are full of fat and cholesterol. Worst of all, they offer a lot of empty calories. You’ve heard this term before, but really what are empty calories? They are the calories that do not benefit your body in any way. These calories come in the form of sugar, carbohydrates, and fat. Protein essentially comes as a secondary thought when it comes to fast food. Some fast food is good, but you have to think in terms of salads and some chili that is made with ground turkey instead of ground beef.

Augment Your Diet With Whole Food Supplements

There are millions of different protein products on the market, but finding a place to buy superfood can be a beat more difficult if you are a vegetarian or vegan. This is because many protein supplements and whole food supplements contain meat products or byproducts of meat that can compromise the integrity of your diet.

What’s Your Standard?

It’s important to add the best fish oil supplements to one’s diet, because doing so will help a great deal in terms of one’s health. It’ll add the Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA in quantities high enough quantities to have an appreciable effect on one’s health. Picking out the best ones is largely a matter of using the supplements that have these in the highest levels. There are other Omega-3s as well, but these two have the most significant results when introduced to the human body.

Milk’s Benefits Without The Extra Fat

Everyone can benefit from milk. Mostly, this is because of the protein selections it includes: it’s the best source of all the vital amino acids that the body can’t produce on its own, which means that any proteins made using them also can’t be made normally. When they’re included in one’s diet, though, the body can have all of those proteins it needs. Unfortunately, most adults don’t need all the carbs and fats that are also included, which is why they should use whey isolate as an alternative on a regular basis.

CoQ10 – Cancer Prevention As Well As Heart Healthy

The essential functioning of the body’s organs is dependent on the reception and maintenance of CoQ10 so that organs can be provided with the energy they need.  It has been found that heart disease sufferers have a much lower incident of CoQ10 in their bodies, and increasing their dose has a highly beneficial effect, reducing the accumulation of fatty acids in the heart muscle and improving the conversion of those fatty acids into energy (called ATP).  But did you know that CoQ10 also has been linked with cancer prevention and alleviation?

The Case For Custom Vitamins – What Are They, and Why Take Them?

Hectic lifestyles and quick-fix meals have become part of many people’s modern-day lives. Due to busy work schedules, we tend to eat the wrong foods – which in the long run can result in serious health issues.

Ginger Extract – Increasing the Movement of Gastrointestinal Tract

Ginger is a rhizome from the family Zingiberaceae, on which it got its name. Root ginger, as it is sometimes called, is being cultivated in South Asia, East Africa, and the Caribbean. The ginger’s distinct flavor and odor is due to the volatile oils that consists around one to three percent of the actual weight of the said rhizome.

Glutamine Supplement – The How and Why

L-Glutamine supplementation has been shown to have a broad range of benefits. The benefits range from the bodybuilder looking to increase lean muscle mass to the sufferer of duodenal ulcers looking for relief. In all cases, fairly large amounts of glutamine supplement are required to see results. This article discusses the proper way to take l-glutamine from preparation to dosage.

Vitamin B – The Wonder Pill

Many doctors consider depression to be a real mystery. They know that it occurs as a result of an imbalance in many cases but beyond that, they really only say that it is a problem that needs to be treated with the use of prescription medication.

List of Vitamins for Pregnant Women

In the womb, at the age of 17 days gestation fetal brain cells have started to form and grow. This is where the importance of the role of folate as an initial tube formation of the brain and spinal marrow. In addition to folate, there are many nutrients needed during fetal brain development. Nutrition is important during pregnancy because the baby’s brain development is accelerating at the time the 3rd trimester until the age of 30 months.

Silica Extract – Essential for the Development and Maintenance of Our Bones

Deficiency in silica, while highly unlikely, might lead to osteoporosis, as this is essential for the development and maintenance of our bones. It could also lead to brittle nails, tendonitis, rapid aging, cardiovascular disease, bone decalcification and abnormal skeletal formation.

L-Histidine HCL – An Essential Amino Acid That Is Very Important to Your Body System

L-Histidine is an essential amino acid. Specifically, it is a precursor to histamine – a very important part of your immune system. Histamine regulates the localized immune responses of the body.

3 Reasons People Fail To Gain Muscle Quickly – Xtreme NO Can Help!

If you’ve been working out and still cannot see noticeable results it’s time for some help with Xtreme NO supplement! If you have been unable to gain muscle quickly, Xtreme NO can help but it’s not a shortcut (despite what other sellers tell you!)

The Best Fat Burners

Did you know that you don’t actually need to use a fat burner? You can just as easily reduce the amount of calories you consume through food or you could just increase your activity levels through exercise.

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