Is CBD oil good for sciatica?

Bottom line. CBD may be useful in providing minor, temporary pain relief for individuals with sciatica, but lifestyle changes are probably the most.

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The Health Benefits of Green Tea Slim With EGCG

The Chinese have known about medicinal qualities of green tea since ancient times, treating everything from headaches to depression. Read about some of the reasons it can be beneficial.

14 Symptoms Of Leaky Gut And What You Can Do About Them

Your digestive system is how your body gets the nutrients and energy it needs to function properly. Sometimes it can sustain damage that inhibits its ability to do its job. Leaky gut syndrome results from one type of damage to your digestive system, but there are steps you can take to help your body heal itself and rid yourself of these troubling symptoms.

How to Boost Your Immunity

Most people catch a cold or the flu at least twice per year mainly in the colder seasons. For others, a cold may occur several times each year. It would seem as though respiratory infections work their way around the office, so as soon as one person gets it, their colleagues follow shortly after. Coughing, a runny nose, sneezing, shivers and other symptoms seem to be the order of the day and although not pleasant, a cold rarely stops you getting on with your life. Unfortunately, you may choose to suppress the symptoms with cold and flu remedies or antibiotics.

Herbal Adventures – The Cabbage and Mustard Family

The cabbage family always makes me smile. It is easy to recognize and most of its members are delicious to eat. That’s reason enough to be delighted, but it gets even better. Some cabbage family plants are strongly medicinal, and all of them can prevent cancer.

Dead Sea Salt Soap

Dead Sea salt is an extraordinary compound that is great for the skin. This is not some revelation or recent development. It is a time-honored fact. As a source for natural healing the Dead Sea consists of about two dozen beneficial minerals that provide healthful nutrients for the skin and body. Unlike ocean sea water, which contains well over ninety percent sodium chloride, Dead Sea water contains approximately ten percent sodium chloride. The balance is made up of various other salts, most predominantly magnesium chloride and potassium chloride.

Dead Sea Salt: What Makes It So Good?

Salt from the Dead Sea has been used to treat ailments of all sorts for thousands of years. Since at least early Biblical times the health benefits derived from- and curative powers attributed to- this remarkable compound have been fervently espoused and endorsed and subsequently transmitted throughout the world.

Combining The Five Elements With Numerology

The Chinese metaphysics systems focus on five elements, which is the Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth. This article is meant to serve as a brief introduction to the concept of combining the Five Elements with Numerology as taught by Dr. Oliver Tan, the founder and master teacher of his numerology course, the ‘Power Of Numbers’ (PON). Since the Five Elements also corresponds to our body organs in the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) point of view, the potential health symptoms of a person can be identified. The fundamental aim is still to harmonise the elements to create a holistic health and wellness of a person.

Dead Sea Salt: Consider The Source

The Dead Sea is historically and universally renowned for the unique properties attributed to its mineral composition, particularly its salinity. Dead Sea water has many times the salt content of the water in other seas and is considerably denser. This density is what gives the Dead Sea its remarkable buoyancy, as untold numbers of people who have flocked to its shores have enthusiastically attested. More important, though, are the health and cosmetic properties found in the rich concentration of minerals present in Dead Sea salts and Dead Sea mud.

Ignoring The Natural Messages Of The Body Lies At The Basis Of Most Illnesses Today

Any good system of health care can be recognized by one attribute: It teaches you how to listen to your body and how to become self-dependent in knowing what is useful for you at every moment in time. In any case, let experience guide you in finding out what works for you and what doesn’t. A theory alone does not make you healthy. As you begin to listen to your body’s subtle messages, you will find that its behavior, activities, natural urges and symptoms of disease are far from being random or coincidental. Health trouble begins when we doubt our body’s ability to make the right choices, and this is exactly what we have learned to do, almost right from the beginning of life.

So You Want To Know About Essential Oils?

Essential oils are now more popular than ever, with people using them in everything from laundry to massage. But just what are they? How are they made? And how are they used?

Tea Tree Soap

Tea tree soap is a fresh scented, skin rejuvenating, antibacterial compliment to our individual bathing experience. Also known as tea tree oil soap, it is made from essential oils that are produced by the Melaleuca Altiniforia tree native to New South Wales, Australia. In its relatively short history as a universally known and highly acclaimed antiseptic and essential ingredient for many skin products, tea tree oil is becoming an increasingly popular and efficient soap additive.

Hearing Your Inner Voice and Understanding the Difference Between Emotions and Feelings

The ‘Inner voice’ is a term that people may have heard some things about. Paying attention to this ‘Inner voice’ is one of the most important aspects of Self Awareness. We often confuse our emotions with our feelings, not understanding that these are two distinctly different things. This article helps to explain the difference between emotions and feelings while also tying in to listening to the ‘inner voice’.

Infertility Remedy: Treat Infertility by Finding and Fixing Hormonal Imbalance

Diverse interplay of hormones fueled by estrogen (estradiol) dominance is the primary cause of female infertility and to some extent male loss of potency. Excess estrogen or progesterone and or testosterone deficiency along with other contributory hormones like thyroid, insulin, and cortisol all play a role in ethiopathogensis of infertility. The body organs like the liver, the gastrointestinal system, the thyroid gland, and the adrenals play a major role. Surprisingly, the ovaries are secondary gland in infertility causation. It is only when other glands mentioned above fail that the ovary can fail as a feedback mechanism. Secondary non-mechanical causes of infertility provoked by hormonal imbalance include: uterine fibroid, endometriosis, adenomyosis, polycystic ovary disease, tubal adhesions and Kallaman’s disease.

Is There Something Wrong With Your Doctor?

The scientific community recently has funded studies to discover which healing systems are effective and which are no more than traditions with no real history of effectiveness. With results now coming in, we see in the medical arts a coming together of the world of science and the world of experience. In some cases we are seeing individuals combining several approaches in a single medical practice – for example, offices with MDs, Chiropractors, and Medical Massage Therapists. In other cases we are finding more acceptable the practice of single non-allopathic healing specialties – Acupuncturists or practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine, or Homeopaths.

Eat, Sleep, Poop

If you aren’t doing three things right, your health is suffering. Find out what they are by reading the following article.

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