Jersey City approves cannabis zoning and will continue licensing next month

The Jersey City Planning Committee approved a new zoning for cannabis companies during its June 22nd meeting. Image via Unsplash.

Marijuana businesses looking to start up in the Garden State’s second largest city now have a clearer idea of ​​how to do so after regulations were approved for cannabis-based businesses.

While New Jersey residents voted to legalize recreational marijuana last November, the state is still in the process of putting its legal distribution requirements in place. All communities have until August 21st to pass any desired local regulations, and the Jersey City Planning Board approved a new zoning for cannabis companies during their June 22nd session.

The zoning would allow five types of cannabis use in Jersey City; Growers, Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Distributors and Retailers. Delivery-based businesses are not allowed under the regulations, and all potential cannabis businesses would be subject to a $ 2,500 fee to apply to work in the city.

marijuana licensing jersey cityThe zoning would allow five types of cannabis use in Jersey City; Growers, Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Distributors and Retailers. Image via Unsplash.

The regulations don’t limit how many cannabis companies can operate in Jersey City, but they do limit them to specific zones. In terms of retail locations, cannabis business will be allowed in areas designated for Neighborhood Commercial (NC), Commercial / Automotive (C / A), Highway Commercial (HC), Waterfront Planned Development (WPD), Central Business District (CBD), and Office / living area (O / R).

Additionally, pot pharmacies can apply to open in any district, zone, overlay, or sub-district of a redevelopment plan where retail is a permitted primary use. Cannabis retail is also allowed within the mixed-use apartment building (R-2D) district on Palisade Avenue.

Any cannabis business in Jersey City cannot be opened within 60 feet of a school or operated within 60 feet of any other marijuana-based establishment. The regulations also include some restrictions on real estate within 250 feet of a PATH station, as there cannot be more than two cannabis establishments on the same block and at least one must be a certified micro-business.

All cannabis companies must first obtain a state and city license prior to opening, and facilities must endeavor to control odors through a ventilation system with carbon filters. A site plan approval from the planning authority is required for any marijuana-related facility.

The city council will deal with a regulation under preparation on cannabis licensing and taxation early next month. It is asking for a 2% sales tax on cannabis makers, growers and retailers, with the proceeds going to fund Jersey City’s public schools. The law also provides a 1% sales tax for wholesalers.

The Council expects the regulation to be brought forward at first reading on 14 July and a special meeting for a second reading will be organized due to the August deadline.

Harmony Pharmacy 227 Coles Street Jersey CityHarmony Dispensary has requested to move a 16,000 square foot outpost to an industrial building at 227 Coles Street. Photo via Google Maps / Street View.

The regulations come a few months after Jersey Digs released news of what may be Jersey City’s first pharmacy. Secaucus-based Harmony Dispensary has requested a 16,000 square foot outpost in an industrial building at 227 Coles Street. The planning committee has not yet heard the request.

Jersey City’s acceptance of cannabis-based businesses follows Hoboken, which enacts laws allowing a total of three pharmacies and Union City to completely ban the sale and cultivation of marijuana.

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