Joe Exotic brings cannabis brand out of prison

Joe Exotic, the guy from the Netflix series Tiger King, is getting into the weed business. Unlike many other cannabis entrepreneurs, he is launching his brand from prison.

According to TMZ, Exotic (real name Joseph Maldonado-Passage) has been working on this idea for a cannabis brand since last July. In a statement, entertainment attorney Brad Small, one of Exotic’s attorneys, said his client would partner with Tango Hotel Charlie Group, LLC and Cannaxxs LTD. The collaborative brand will be called Joe Exotic Cannabis.

To make the story even stranger, Exotic works with Jason Hervey, the older brother from the hit TV series “Wonder Years”.

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According to Forbes, Small mentioned to Hervey that he wanted to get a deal in the cannabis industry for his client, and the rest is history. “I said to Brad, ‘Well, that’s funny, my friend and I are discussing the cannabis business,” Hervey said. “The timing was good; the chemistry was even better – let’s go. “

The point of sale further stated the following:

When asked what he thinks of doing business with someone in jail for a murder plot – Moldanado-Passage has vehemently denied the charges for which he was convicted – Hervey admits that Joe Exotic is a “polarizing figure “Is, but he thinks he’s in jail only makes Joe’s story and brand all the more compelling.

It seems like Exotic has been involved in every stage of the branding process through phone calls and emails. One of Exotic’s motivations for getting involved in the cannabis industry is to help people suffering from a wide variety of diseases.

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Joe Exotic Cannabis will include a variety of products and will be sold in pharmacies in Colorado, California and Oklahoma. The brand’s products contain THC in states where it’s legal (California and Colorado) and CBD.

The brand will be launched in a matter of weeks, with a portion of the proceeds donated to organizations that care for tigers in captivity.

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In addition to “Tiger King”, Exotics’ much-lauded 2020 also included a dispute with the Trump administration over an attempt to obtain a pardon from the then incumbent president. Exotic now claims it “has more faith in President Biden and VP Harris to do the right thing, not just for me but for the thousands who are serving long sentences for nonviolent crimes such as conspiracy”.

Despite the end of the documentary series, Hollywood isn’t finished with the story of Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin. Two scripted TV series are in the works, one starring Nicolas Cage and the other starring Kate McKinnon and Cameron Mitchell.

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