Lemon Grove approves recreational cannabis sales

Recreational cannabis sales have been given the green light in Lemon Grove.

Seven months after the initial discussion on the possibility of allowing pharmacies to sell adult marijuana, the city council last week approved the approval of cannabis cultivation, transport, distribution, manufacture and research in certain areas of the city.

Although Lemon Grove voters passed Measure V in 2016, which allowed the sale of medical marijuana, five years later the city has only one store, The Boulevard Dispensary on Federal Boulevard.

Another store is expected to open in the city this year, and at least two more will be added in the near future, city officials say.

Lemon Grove will allow previously approved dispensaries in the city’s light industrial zone to add recreational cannabis sales and related uses with a minor use permit. A public hearing is not required, but surrounding property owners must be informed of the additional use.

Commercial cannabis cultivation, manufacture, research and development will also be allowed in the light industrial zone. Manufacturing, research and development in other zones are only allowed in licensed pharmacies “that meet separation standards as an additional use,” Noah Alvey, director of community development, told the city council.

The city’s updated cannabis regulations do not change any existing segregation standards. These require that cannabis companies must be at least 300 meters away from “sensitive uses”, such as B. Licensed day care centers, schools, playgrounds, public parks and other cannabis dispensaries.

The supply of cannabis, which was once banned, will now also be allowed.

Alvey said staff were encouraged by the city’s planning commission, which held a hearing on the matter in May, to keep abreast of any issues related to selling marijuana to children and related opportunities for education and outreach to investigate with “drug driving”.

A report to the city council said approving the new uses and expanding the reach of current medical cannabis outlets is in line with the city’s general community development plan. It is also expected to bring more trading companies, light industries, and professional services to this region.

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