Manchester could become the newest OK city to ban cannabis deals

Manchester Township could soon become the newest parish in Ocean County and New Jersey to keep pot shops from making room in the city.

(Vin Ebenau, Townsquare Media)

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T-minus two months, give or take a few days, until every New Jersey municipality has to make a final decision on whether to ban marijuana / cannabis / pot / weed shops refrain from setting foot in their town to sell the drug.

This means that by August 22nd, all municipal ordinances, bans, etc. must be written, implemented and approved by that date … otherwise they would not be able to do so for five years.

The Manchester parish council passed an ordinance this week, along with an initial approval of a measure that would prevent cannabis businesses from setting up in this Ocean County parish.

Point Pleasant Beach and Berkeley are among the other local communities that have already taken this step.

In the ordinance received from Townsquare Media News, the council states that it wants to ban “any class of recreational cannabis business within its geographic boundaries”.

The ordinance in Manchester would if they were on 28 delivery service under Section 1 of the ordinance.

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Here is an excerpt from the Manchester Council ordinance why they want this measure passed for the city.

“The Township Council of the Township of Manchester has determined that it is because of the current uncertainties about the potential future impact that licensing one or more classes of cannabis business will have on the communities of New Jersey in general, and the Township of Manchester in particular It is necessary and appropriate at this time, and in the best interests of the health, safety and well-being of Manchester residents and the public visiting, traveling or doing business, to change Manchester’s zoning and police regulations to prohibit all Manners of marijuana-related land use and development other than medical marijuana concerns within the geographic boundaries of the Township of Manchester.

Whereas officials of two well-known not-for-profit organizations formed to advise the New Jersey communities on legal matters as presented by law (those organizations are the New Jersey State League of Municipalities and the New Jersey Institute of local prosecutors) have insisted on this due to the complexity and novelty of the law; the many areas of local law that are or may be involved in decisions about whether or to what extent cannabis or medicinal cannabis should be approved for land use or otherwise regulated in a particular municipality; and the relatively short length of time the law would allow such decisions to be made before requiring automatic authorization of such uses in certain zoning under unspecified conditions, the most prudent course of action for all municipalities, whether or not they generally endorse Development and use of cannabis or medicinal cannabis would be to prohibit all such uses within the 180-day period of the law to allow sufficient time for careful consideration of all aspects of the law and its implications. “

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