Marijuana, CBD oil and drug testing for the DOT physical and CDL medical card

Dr. Nuesse discusses the standards for drug testing when it comes to marijuana and CBD oil. Is marijuana tested for during the DOT physical? Can you use it with a prescription? Is CBD oil tested for? This video pertains to testing on CDL drivers.

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Why Trying to Be Organic Now Is More Important Than Ever Before

Whether people hear about it on television or by word of mouth, eating organic has become increasingly more popular in the last decade. We all know by now the harsh truth behind our food – but do we truly know why trying to be organic has become more important than ever?

How Does pH Affect My Body? (The Acidosis Cycle)

Chronic Acidosis is the most prevalent pH imbalance we face today, and the main reason for this is our acidic food choices. Fast food, junk food, processed food, soft drinks, energy drinks; you can’t name a single food made in a factory with more than 5 ingredients that doesn’t leave acid behind for our bodies to buffer. It’s time to make a shift in how you think about what goes into your body!

What Are the Benefits of Balancing Your pH?

The benefits of balancing your pH are numerous, and combined, will lead to much better health. Your pH levels act as a master control that dictates the speed and efficiency of all your body’s processes. If you’ve read any of our other articles, you’ve learned that an acidic lifestyle is the norm unfortunately. The poor choices made that bring about this pH imbalance has led us to live in a society of chronic health conditions like diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and inflammation throughout the body.

Learn About Body pH and How Balancing it Can Change Your Health!

Our bodies function best when we are in a state of alkalinity, but unfortunately, the things we eat, drink, breathe, and even think about can cause us to move toward an acid state of being. The truth is, we all make choices every day to either build, or wreck our good health. We want to help you build yours!

The Importance of Diet in Treating Digestive Illness

Digestive Illness affects the health of 60-70 million Americans everyday. Options ARE available and with a focus on diet YOU can overcome digestive illness!

The Causes and Signs of Dehydration

You need water to digest your food; digestion does not happen in a dry environment. You also need water to produce urine and feces (poop). This information is not personal but a fact for all living human beings on the planet.

Amethyst: The Versatility of This Healing Crystal

Amethyst is a widely known crystal that has been used throughout the world and has surpassed the barriers of time, since the beginning of mankind; this stone has been used to heal all kinds of diseases, physical, emotional and spiritual. It can be used as follows for many different intentions:

Homeopathic and Nutritionist Remedies for Arthritis

When arthritis pain gets you down, it’s time to look for natural solutions. While prescription drugs might bring quick relief, they also bring along with them a range of problems. If you’re ready to find out how to naturally relieve arthritis pain and stiffness, read on.

Essential Oil Spotlight: Bergamot

Our weekly essential oil spotlight highlights the different essential oils, their uses including alternative medicine, known healing properties, their cleaning properties and any other pertinent information. This week’s spotlight will highlight bergamot.

Adrenal Fatigue and How to Prevent It

Life is stressful and it takes a toll on the human body. The hormones produced by the adrenal glands help handle the different stressors that plague people every day. Because of an almost constant level of stress, the glands can sometimes be overwhelmed and this can lead to adrenal fatigue.

Strong Bones for a Strong Body

A healthy diet and the right exercise program are key in keeping your bones strong. Strong bones = a strong body. Read on to learn more.

It’s All About Digestion

Most of us are familiar with the saying:- “we are what we eat”. Well, that’s not quite true, actually, we are what we digest and absorb! Now, does this mean that we can digest and absorb whatever we eat? Does it, for example mean we can digest and absorb poisons? Does it mean we can digest and absorb inorganic minerals such as are found in water, whether its bottled or not? Does it mean we can digest and absorb Genetically Modified Organisms[GMO’s]? Does it mean we can digest and absorb anything that’s not organic? And, what exactly is ‘organic-food’ anyway?

Crohn’s: People Will Even Eat Worms To Stop Their Suffering

Crohn’s disease is an inflammatory disease of the bowels that causes immense suffering. Limiting unhealthy inflammation and helping the body return to immune homeostasis, immune balance may be the best approach.

Smoking: Inhaling Over 7000 Chemicals Is Not Good for Your Health

Cigarette smoke contains chemicals and particulate matter that triggers inflammation in our lungs. This inflammatory state may result in autoimmune and other chronic disease. The key to good health is to achieve immune homeostasis, a balanced state of inflammation. Enough inflammation to defend us from disease and help healing, but not so much inflammation that we destroy our own body.

Endometriosis – A Painful Reminder of Womenhood

Endometriosis is a painful disorder which afflicts many women that continue to menstruate. Inflammation is a major contributor to the condition. Instead of relying solely on medications and surgery, alternative methods may help one change their quality of life.

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