Medical Cannabis Expo arrives in Mexico to boost business

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – At a time of debate in Mexico over legalizing marijuana for various uses, Expo Cannabis Medicinal 2021 is being held this week to raise awareness of the growing business and seek to encourage investment in medical cannabis farms .

“We think cannabis is bad because we fear the unknown, but it’s a plant with many, many properties. There will be experts to learn a little more about breaking the stigma and seizing this business opportunity, ”said Zvezda Lauric, international spokeswoman for Medical Cannabis.

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The event will take place on June 24th and 25th at the Expo Santa Fé in southwest Mexico City, where a different speaker will speak every half hour for two days, who can answer the doubts of the participants after his move.

The main areas to be covered by the various experts will be the discoveries about the benefits of medicinal cannabis and the business opportunities in the industry, explained Silas Howarth, co-founder of Expo Cannabis.

With regard to the danger posed by criminal groups and drug traffickers in Mexico, the organizers believe that the industry they support can be a “counterweight” and have therefore already registered a presence in Mexico alongside the country’s large niche.

Regarding the possible legalization of charitable consumption and cultivation in Mexico, Lauric commented that they will be closely following the progress and paying close attention to what happens.

They also insisted that medicinal cannabis can be used as a palliative for chronic conditions such as diabetes or cancer.

“We’re going to break these barriers and start talking openly about it, talking about the possibilities of medicinal cannabis and linking it to the possibility of doing business,” concluded Lauric.

According to the organizers, this fair is one of the largest and most relevant medical cannabis ever held in Latin America.

Expo Cannabis was born in Africa, where it developed into the most important cannabis event on the continent.

The use of medical cannabis has been decriminalized in Mexico since 2017, but the regulations on its use, sale and distribution were not published until January 2021.

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