Mold contamination leads to medical cannabis recall in the UK

The UK government has issued a warning about medicinal cannabis flower products that are infected with mold.

The UK government website, which has more information on the affected products, states:

“The importer and distributor of the above products (Eaststone Limited) has informed us of reports that two affected batches may be contaminated with mold. Therefore, these batches are being recalled as a precaution. This recall is being conducted as a company managed recall due to the limited number of packs being distributed and Eaststone Limited has full customer redistribution traceability. “

Mold in a product that is inhaled is not a good thing at best, but when a person’s health is already compromised, the effects can be significant.

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The British company Cancard assessed the situation as devastating.

“Many patients in the UK have spent thousands of pounds seeking legal protection from prosecution for taking drugs that will help them, believing that these products would be safer. The fact that patients living with chronic debilitating diseases are now suffering from mold toxins simply because of their legal choice is unforgivable. “

Cancard is an initiative that we mentioned here on HempGazette in the past; Offering a “medical cannabis card” designed to provide a legal argument for exemption from prosecution for possession of cannabis.

Cancard claims small growers currently illegal in the UK have better quality control.

Perhaps that is the situation in Britain, but across the pond in Canada, British Columbia’s Secretary of Public Security would likely disagree. His office says tests of cannabis confiscated from illegal retailers in BC found that many samples contained contaminants that would not be allowed in that country’s legal cannabis market.

“My message to people who choose to use cannabis is simple: buy from legal sellers whose regulated product is subject to national requirements for your protection,” said Mike Farnworth, UK Secretary of Public Safety and Attorney General.

It’s not clear whether any of the samples were sold for medicinal use (recreational use is legal in Canada), but two dozen different pesticides were found along with unacceptable levels of bacteria, fungi, lead, and arsenic.

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