Pennsylvania allows 3 months of medical cannabis patient care

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf signed a bill on Wednesday introducing changes to the state’s medical cannabis program, including allowing patients to receive a three-month supply of their medication instead of just a one-month supply.

The legislation also adds cancer remission therapy and central nervous system neuropathies to the state’s list of qualifying disorders, and expands the number of facilities examining patient outcomes for medical cannabis.

“It’s been five years since Pennsylvania legalized medical marijuana, and during that time the Department of Health has studied the successes and challenges of the program and made key recommendations to improve the law. This legislation provides important updates to our state’s medical marijuana program to ensure patients have better access to medicines. ”- Wolf in a press release

In addition, under the new law, cannabis companies can now remove contaminants such as mold and yeast from cannabis plants and process them into topical products, reports WESA. It also allows companies to designate workers and “caregivers” who will enable them to have cannabis home delivered – a flexibility “established under the state’s COVID-19 disaster statement that patients and pharmacies found convenient” said the governor’s office.

Wolf had urged lawmakers to pass reforms to adult cannabis use during this year’s session, and said last year that industry revenue could be “one way” to fill the state’s budget gap. He told Go Erie that he “will continue to push for legalization and restorative justice” until lawmakers approve widespread legalization, noting that the reforms are backed by an “overwhelming majority of Pennsylvanians”.

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