Rogue Bear Farms: Part II


Rafael: “I have no idea how to do it, but I’m sure I’m learning.” Rafael: “Okay, we had we had some like little plants and other stuff too okay and I think that worked a little bit like with animals and stuff you can’t do anything about yeah, there was a rabbit around here and some moles but do they hurt to like catch em?” Rafael: Emily is fine, even more so now, and it’s the pointers of 18. Oh yeah, this is way more cropped than I expected to see. I thought it would look smaller for whatever reason, but that was only because it was so barren the last time I was here that it was just an illusion in my mind. It’s like a force out here, like I might get lost. It’s as if there is a Force out here; there is a force there in the same way that I can become disoriented.

Henry Ford manufactured plastic. If we all went that route, we might not have plastic in our seas at the moment; it’s all over the world, so that’s one of my primary goals. We purchase our seats from the Oregon CBD guys and Eric there, so they’re just excellent guys, and we’ve been working with them for a while and trust them. They’ve released new genetics, so we got some of that as well, and the percentage of things that germinate is perfect through them, so yeah, we use them, and then we Germany all our seeds. We usually start in the first week of June and then spend the entire summer hand weeding, eating, and watering and generally watching and caring for them, babysitting them.

I’m a massive believer in cover crops and believe that almost everyone can use them to keep the ground fertile. So we do plant a cover crop that takes care of itself over the winter, and then we do not sell it or anything else we disc it back into the field, and I also do a hemp compost that I put in, and we do write the farm so that everything goes back to the area. Finally, the slow drive that we try to do, the slower, the better, and that’s the final stage is just taking care and taking time and drying your flour. You said that you reuse hemp for soil; is that correct? Yes, we use some of it, we shred some of it, and then we recycle it and put it back in okay nice, so that’s what you use with it’s the parts of the plan that you don’t use for your CBD extract or your stuff, that’s what you use so you just put it back on oil okay. There isn’t much that explains why so many people use plastic on crop roses. I mean, the only solution right now is hand weeding. They do have some biodegradable plastics, but I’m just fine without them. What methods do you use to safeguard crops?

Raphael gave us a brief overview of how you guys search for all the male plants and how you receive assistance from your neighbors next door from their hemp farm, who will come by and assist you in locating all the males as well. If we see a problem, we cut it out and mulch it into the mulch pile. Then we remove them and discard them if we ever have a problem with our neighboring farmers’ crops being affected by the smell of the hemp. “It’s not easy, I’m afraid, but it’s fun, and I enjoy it, and you know maybe that makes us feel obligated to help, but harvest is always, always difficult, you know, but we get through it,” Raphael said. Raphael: “I used to run marijuana in Canada on weapons, and I never paid anyone; they would always give me ten dollars for some soil next year or something or something; I always felt like a pine tree or something.” Individual types, I believe, would have little effect on individual farms; the only caveat is that everyone looks out for their males, please yeah yeah. Raphael provided us with an overview of a-bear farms, including some of the difficulties they face on the farm and how they handle the harvest. The farm has a small sign that reads, “You know flowers are delicate and should not be stepped on. Have these signs all over you saying, “Don’t I’m in love with these flowers, you know, and I’m very delicate, and you can’t harm me, and I don’t want you to step on me.” Raphael’s Ro-bear Farm is unique in that we do not need anything to use superior genetics. We use good genetics, and that’s the truth; they’re so powerful, and all those terpenes that everyone talks about all the time are beneficial to us, but they’re also beneficial to that plan.”

Hemp is a kind of universal crop in that it can be used for almost anything, from medicinal purposes to assisting people in healing to building houses. I’m honestly shocked it hasn’t happened yet, because I haven’t seen an atmosphere where they’re coming, but I believe many other companies are still attempting to safeguard their goods. I feel like with these plants, I don’t want to run them over with a large company because it’s a critical crop. It is a herb, it is the earth, and it should not be used for profit purposes.

One of the first companies was in Brazil, and these are all partners that emerged there and Venezuela. We’re going to make our bottle available to customers at a reasonable price then, and so yeah, we’re excited about that. We’ll include a booklet explaining why we’re special, how we care for our flowers, and how the whole process is carried out so that people understand that everything is thoroughly tested and performed correctly. We’re so excited to be doing what we’re doing and highly grateful to be where we are and willing to do this.

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