South Brunswick plans to withdraw from the cannabis operation

SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ – South Brunswick said they plan to “phase out” the marijuana operations and take a “wait and see” approach to the new regulations of the Cannabis Regulatory Commission. The decision was made at this week’s municipal council meeting.

The New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission is expected to unveil its rules and regulations for the marijuana industry on August 21st. In the meantime, municipalities have until August 22nd to enact ordinances banning all cannabis companies or restricting their presence in the city.

This puts many parishes, including South Brunswick, in a difficult position as parishes are forced to make their choices before reviewing the new regulations, officials said.

“We have no choice but to log out as discussed, except for the tests, and then wait and see what happens on 8/22. Then we can go back and make changes and change …” said Deputy Mayor Joe Camarota.

“We’re shooting into the wind here. We don’t know what exactly is going to happen.”

Councilor Ken Bierman said it was advisable to “play it safe. And the caution side is to opt out”.

Bierman said if the cannabis regulatory commission comes back with other regulations, the community can sign up. But if they have already signed up, they are bound for five years.

The community said there was a need for more clarification regarding penalties, the sale of cannabis edibles like gums, etc.

“I think we should first sign out and see what happens,” said Councilor Ann Grover.

The municipality recently prepared an ordinance banning all cannabis deals in the municipality. The regulation prohibits the cultivation, development and sale of marijuana. It also prohibits consumption by certain people and / or in certain places within the community

Only cannabis testing facilities are allowed to operate in the city.

The ordinance does not currently prohibit the supply of cannabis to residents of services based outside of South Brunswick.

As it is currently written, the regulation makes it illegal for anyone under the age of majority to buy or consume cannabis items to consume cannabis items other than by smoking, vaporizing, or aerosolizing, in or on private property.

These restrictions do not apply to medical marijuana users.

To read the municipality’s ordinance, click here.

The first reading of Regulation 11873 is scheduled for June 22nd. A second reading and public hearing will follow on July 27.

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