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Is the Slimweight Patch Safe for Long-Term Use?

Traditional methods of weight loss can often fail so this is why a product like the Slimweight Patch can help you lose those excess pounds. But is it safe for long-term use?

Popular Products in the Organic Super Fruit Industry

Superfruits have high nutrient density, richly abound in antioxidants and may also contain fiber and health-sustaining phytochemicals. Their consumer appeal lies in the fact they offer a host of nutritional benefits for health, energy, longevity and beauty.

Nature’s Very Own Testosterone Booster – Tongkat Ali Root Extract

Most people would agree that natural and organic is likely to be much more healthy and the correct way to treat ourselves rather than toxic chemicals and drugs. All drugs have side effects, and while they may treat what we need treated, they will also damage, and effect or poison another part of the total system we call our body. Eating chickens force-fed hormones to maximize fast meat growth and profits by corporate chicken farms can never compare to free range chickens fed natural and organically grown foods.

Tongkat Ali Root Extract – What Is All The Fuss About?

One of the most exciting revelations in recent years in the world of natural diet supplements is Tongkat Ali root extract and it has been well established and documented by a joint team of researchers out of England, the United States, Japan and Malaysia that there is a lot more to the positive health benefits of Tongkat Ali root extract than first thought. The Chinese have been using Tongkat tree-roots after being washed and tried, then finely sliced and slowly boiled at a simmering temperature as part of Chinese Traditional Medicine for many hundreds and probably thousands of years….

Tongkat Ali Root Extract Has Been Boosting Testosterone in Asia for Hundreds Of Years

Asia has a much deeper and more rich history and knowing of science and medicine than the western world, reaching back much further than 5,000 years. Throughout the ages sages have pieced together their wisdom of the effects of various compounds derived from animals, plant material and minerals and over the millennia they have been tested and recorded their findings until they are the well documented science taught at University level called Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is more than just the depth of the history of medicine, it is the underlying philosophy of the Chinese that the body is…

Are Acai Berries Beneficial To Your Health?

Like many other natural fruits, the Acai berries have lots of natural ingredients that help the body in many different ways. When taken over time regularly, either alone or combined with other food, you will definitely be at a position to achieve the perfect shape and body mass that you have always desired.

Getting Kids’ Attention With Omega-3 Fatty Acids

The connection between attention deficiency and Essential Fatty Acids (EFA), particularly omega 3 fatty acids, first became apparent in 1981 when a detailed survey of the characteristics of hyperactive children was conducted by the Hyperactive Children’s Support Group (HCSG) in Britain. The survey discovered a common feature in the dietary pattern of hyperactive children-all of them were deficient in EFA.

Acai Berries – Are Acai Berries Harmful Or Healthy?

Every year more people start enjoying the powerful benefits of adding Acai berries to their diet in one form or another. Much has been documented about what the Acai berry can do for you such as losing weight and cleansing the body but little has been reported about the berries harmful effects.

The Healthier Your Heart Is, the Slower Your Brain Ages

A team of scientists at the Boston School of Medicine have identified a heart-brain connection that may influence the rate at which the brain ages. Brain atrophy is a natural processing of aging. As people age, the brain begins to shrink, but according to the team at the Boston School of Medicine, this aging may not be limited to the elderly.

What You Might Not Know About The Supplement Companies

How important are really supplements for you and your body? If your goal is either to lose weight or build muscle, you sure will be told about the importance of supplements. Are they really as useful as were told all the time?

Concentrated Fish Oil – Protect Yourself From Breast Cancer

Over the last two decades, innumerable studies have shown that concentrated fish oil can effectively decrease estradiol levels and protect women from breast cancer. In fact, a very large research project, published in the American Journal of epidemiology in 1998, showed that the ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acids in a woman’s blood is a good predictor of possible future breast cancer.

4 Ways To Get The Best Out Of Weight Loss Supplements, Protein Supplements Or Multivitamins

Most of us take supplements nowadays and we all understand how important supplements are as we obviously will not get all our required nutrients from our food sources. But whatever the kind of supplement you take, be it weight loss supplement, protein supplement or fish oil supplement here are 4 ways to get the most out of them.

Vitamin Supplementation – True Functions of Vitamins

What are the functions of vitamins? The body needs several essential vitamins to function properly. Many of us have unbalanced diets which means we are not consuming the vitamins that we need from the foods that we eat.

Probiotics Functions And Importance

What are they? They are microorganisms that are healthy for the respective host organism.

Protein Powder Vs Food

You don’t hear it so much these days, but every now and then you will find a guy in the gym claiming that he doesn’t need supplements. His arguments are usually something like “food sources are superior” or “food is cheaper”. Read this article to find out why these arguments are flawed.

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