What is CBD and Delta 8 Flower?

A Holistic Health Counselor Talks About Trusting Your Gut

The best health coach can help you get to know your surroundings and your inner self. There are many that do not know to recognize their inner guidance. Once you learn how to tap into it, you will change your life.

Your Business Card – Boring or Bold?

As the saying goes, you’ve only got one chance to make a first impression. So make it memorable by handing people a well-designed card that will make them want to work with you! Your card is often the first of your marketing materials that a prospective client sees. Make a mega-impact with this mini-marketing tool – your business card!

The Natural Advantages of Herbs Over Drugs

Herbs are powerful medicines and their honour has been spoken about in the history books. Their pure advantages that work with the body, far outweighs what science can chemically contrive in laboratories.

A Miracle Within You

The fact is: Your body is performing this near-miraculous feat at this moment as you read this! This will come as no surprise to those who practice an effective health regime. However, the majority of people (90%) depend on pharmaceutical and Allopathic doctors to keep their body’s functioning, albeit, often times with little improvement. Western society has been indoctrinated and conditioned to believe that we are born with a perfect body that slowly deteriorates as we age, until it then falls into irreparable decay.

Ways to Combat Stress Successfully

Combating stress can seem like a marathon task. Think of the pride and satisfaction you will feel, and rightly deserve, as you conquer your difficulties head-on.

Smart Sugars Help Transcribe Your DNA

Functional sugars have influenced the health of the human body all along but we did not understand glycosylation (how the different sugars are used). Today, the positive functions of these sugars are becoming more self-evident, better documented, and certainly better understood.

Are Artificial Sweetners Safe?

We have gotten the message that sugar is bad for your health and contributes to a host of diseases and weight gain. So you turn to all those sugar substitutes you find in the pink, blue, and yellow packets. But are they safe?

Discover the Benefits of Reiki With Distant Reiki Treatment

One of the remarkable things about Reiki is that you can have a Reiki treatment from a distance. You might have a busy schedule or maybe you are unable to physically attend a treatment. In situations like this the Reiki practitioner can send you Reiki energy remotely.

Why Your Health Matters

We live in an age where nearly all goods are instant and foods are fast. Sure, they’re big help in cutting time in preparing meals and doing away with a good deal of hassles. And they can taste really great too. But the credit stops there.

Bad Things Happen That Are Out of Our Control: What Happens Next Is Entirely Up to Us

Each person faces a myriad of stresses each day. Some are small and warrant only a small acknowledgement from us; whereas others can really increase the heart rate and cause a heightened sense of awareness. Learn the 10 reaction patterns that occur at times of stress.

BPA: A Real Life Case Study

Bis phenyl A (BPA) is found in most plastic food containers and eating utensils. My young dog teaches us in a real life experience just how insidious this chemical is and how easy it can be to detox from it.

The Treatment of Rheumatism by Herbal Medicine

A description of Rheumatism and its treatment through natural healing. This includes diet and Herbal Medicine. The article is written by an experienced, qualified medical practitioner.

A Result of Environmental Pollution Is Organ And Joint Transplants!

This morning on the news, the big story of the day was how many thousand of people are waiting for organ transplants. The kicker was that some of these people would die before their organ was available. Are all organ transplants really necessary?

Four Powerful Benefits of Medihoney

For hundreds of years honey has been used to heal ulcers and cure wounds. And it is now making a comeback in the form of Medihoney, a potent weapon against wounds and bacteria specifically derived from plants in Australia and New Zealand. Even mainstream medicine has opened its eyes on this one, and Medihoney products are now being used in hospitals across the world to do what antibiotics often can’t: kill increasingly resistant and deadly Straphyloccus aureus (bacteria) and fully heal infected patients.

How to Tend Your Inner Garden

Here in the northern hemisphere we’re getting ready to plant our gardens. This is a time of renewal and new beginnings-a time to step out from under the constraints of winter’s confines.

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