What is cbd ? And updated cbd news

So this video is a small recap of some information about cbd , and some updated news on cbd.

Chakras: Our Energy Centers

If you are just beginning your journey through holistic healing, you have obviously come across the word “chakras” several times and chances are that you have absolutely no idea on what chakras are. To put it straight, chakras are our energy centers. But what exactly are our energy centers? In the simplest terms possible, our energy centers can be described as the openings that allow life energy to flow freely in and out of our aura.

Herbs As Medicines

Herbalism is the study and use of plants to heal the body. It can also include marine material and animal by-products or parts. An herbalist is anyone who devotes their career or life to this application of nature.

Chakra Test And Healing You Can Do Yourself

Want to carry out your own chakra test and healing? You have the power to heal yourself, you just need to tune in and allow the energy to flow. Here is a step by step guide to test your chakras and heal them.

What Is Behind the Rising Popularity of Homeopathy?

There is a movement in the modern world away from formalised scientific medicine, sending people out in search of alternatives to supplement or even replace standard medical practice. One practice that has gained significant traction through this movement is Homeopathy.

Essential Oil Spotlight: Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is a plant native to Australia and has been used in various industrial, medicinal and perfumery products. It is now harvested worldwide but its first uses originated by a doctor treating convict colonists in 1788. The commercial use of Eucalyptus was started in 1852 with one of the oldest still surviving brands. It is widely used as an antiseptic and has properties that aid in the following varying uses.

Eat Foods For Optimal Health

Create optimal health with the food that you eat. You’ve heard the saying “You are what you eat”. Why do you think so many people now a days are suffering from lifestyle induced diseases? Maybe because we ingest high fat, high sugar, highly processed foods and don’t get enough exercise. A hundred years ago these diseases didn’t even exist, but then again neither did McDonalds or Starbucks. The food that you eat has the power to heal you or make you sick and it’s your choice on if you would rather be healthy or dead.

Nurture Yourself in 10 Steps

I believe that we all need to nurture ourselves in the difficult world we live in. There is no reason not to. What does nurturing mean? It means taking care of your own needs before others in order to better take care of theirs later. It means exercising self-care in order to create well-being. It does not mean becoming self-centered and selfish.

Health Is A Lifestyle

Many people think going on a diet is being healthy. The truth is that many diets are the exact opposite of healthy and can cause many ailments and diseases. Learn how to eat right so that you can make health a “lifestyle” and not just a “diet.”

Five Qualities To Look For In A Good Hypnotherapist

There are five main qualities to look for when choosing a hypnotherapist. They should have a good understanding of hypnosis, they should not use scripts during therapy, they should not try to sell you a set number of sessions, they should have a good imagination and they should talk about your predicament in a way that resonates with you.

What You Learn As a Chios Energy Healing Student

Chios Energy Healing is a powerful energy healing modality that offers both the healer and the recipient of the energy many remarkable benefits. Chios treatments can clear energy impurities, repair leaks and tears in the aura, correct energy depletion and disturbances in energy flow, clear blocked chakras, and balance and charge the chakra system.

Children With Genital Herpes – Help Is in Reach!

In the last few months, I’ve received several calls from parents whose very young children are suffering with nasty, extremely painful cases of genital herpes. Now, we are talking about a nightmare scenario, a pre-potty trained toddler in diapers with an angry, weeping, sore bottom. I know when I mention it to other parents I usually get a perplexed look.

Baby Colic: When to Treat at Home and When to Get Help?

For new parents or those on baby 2, 3 or more, the experience is always new and exciting. Each baby is different and of course for new parents, the whole experience is colored by the sheer joy and exhilaration of it all. With all the joy and fun, there are also moments of not knowing what to do, feeling overwhelmed, exhaustion and sometimes sheer terror. Baby colic is often the cause of sleepless nights, helplessness and just being at a loss.

Facts on Food Allergy and Food Intolerance

Food allergy is common for people with low immune system. Although nobody can tell, even medical experts, on what is the real cause of having food allergies. But one thing is for sure, that it is because your immune system sees it as a health problem.

Homepathic Treatment and Medical Hysteria

The main reason people visit a natural health practitioner is because, relying solely on conventional medicine has not provided a solution to their health issue, in some cases the problem has not improved at all, forcing them to seek an alternative. Almost always when the medical fraternity rail against any alternative/complimentary form of treatment, they make some alarmingly ill-informed assertions.

Bach Flower

Bach flower remedies were first invented by an English bacteriologist known as Dr. Edward Bach sometime back in the 1930’s. During this period of time, the renowned Doctor discovered that these dilutions of flower material and more so, the dew found on the petals also carry the healing abilities of that particular plant.

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