What is CBD and what does CBD do – how does CBD affect our body

I am starting a YouTube channel because I feel very limited on the Instagram platform.
There are too many things and benefits that I wanna share with you about CBD and hemp.

Here I am to help you better understand how CBD works with our body, not just selling you my products!

If you learn more, more you know how to choose the right CBD product for yourself.
I’d like to help you to have a better quality of life and to understand how CBD can be a life-changer for YOU, as for me.

I’m sharing with you all my knowledge and 5 years of experience with my customers.

We’ll do one topic each month and dive deep into each topic, such as chronic pain, anxiety, depression, the endocannabinoid system, autism, and many, many more.

Natural Immune Boosters – Easy And Effective Ways To Support Your Health

Why would you be interested in natural immune boosters? What are they anyway? How important are they for your overall health? These are some of the common questions that people ask. This is understandable as the immune system is not a tangible object; you can’t see it. But you can experience its effects.

Free Pranic Healing

This natural drug free method can effectively combat the virus. It can be taught and learned within minutes and has been used with amazing results. I do not advise this technique to be used on either pregnant women or children under 12.

Having Healthy Relationships Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

Our personal world revolves around relationships. Sadly, there are more unhealthy than healthy relationships. But we also have a strong identity with independence. So it isn’t really surprising that there is so much conflict in our lives, and in the world.

Improve Your Hearing Naturally With Secret Hormone

This article is about how to improve your hearing naturally by using specific vitamins and minerals to increase a little known hormone that then increases you hearing ability. The article includes a history of hormone use, confirming studies, directions for use and where to find it in Canada or how to apply to your Doctor for assistance.

Create an Environment That Fosters Mental and Physical Health

Health psychology takes a holistic approach to the treatment of physical and mental disorders. In recent years there has been more emphasis on prevention where previously the emphasis was on a disease based model. This article gives you tips on how to take care of yourself physically and mentally and explain the interplay of physical and mental health.

Dealing With Grief Is A Healthy Process

Dealing with grief comes in everyone’s life at some point. When confronted with the loss of a loved one, whether a close family member, animal or friend. dealing with the ensuing grief can then dominate your life.

Genetic Diseases – Are You Being Told The Truth?

Genetic diseases are the new boy on the block. It seems that everything that medicine doesn’t understand is now relegated to a genetic disorder of some kind.

Things That Cause Cancer

There is an emerging theory within medical circles that one of the things that cause cancer is your genes. Personally, I feel this is a gross distortion of the truth, perhaps to keep you from understanding the truth. Frightened people are more compliant. But when you understand the real causes of cancer, you are empowered and start to take control of your own health and life.

Are Anti-Depressants in Pregnancy Safe?

Most doctors feel that the use of anti-depressants in pregnancy is perfectly safe. And many mothers may well feel that the use of these drugs is preferable to how they felt before. However, no drug comes without its adverse effects. And the impact is magnified many times when this concerns a growing being.

Why You Should Always Be Yourself

There are far too many attempts to try to mould people into faceless, compliant bio robots. This has dire consequences on your natural abilities and on your health, because it sets up an inner conflict. By learning to always be yourself, no matter what the consequences, you touch undreamed of abilities that can carry you beyond what is considered normal.

Adverse Vaccine Reaction – Effective Ways To Help Recovery

Adverse vaccine reactions abound. Vaccines are not harmless and the effects of them are currently creating a heated global discussion. This is excellent news, as progress will only ever be made when there is open and frank discussion.

The Super Flavors and Health Benefits of Tea

A staggering 80% of households in the United States drink tea, which is consumed by over 158 million Americans and 50 percent of the US population on a daily basis. Tea is a healthy beverage that is almost calorie-free, and contains no salt, fat, nor sugar. Tea contains vital flavonoids and anti-oxidants, which help rid of dangerous toxins, which can cause many chronic diseases. There are many types of teas, with some of their many health benefits, including helping people with weight loss, dental problems, bad breath, inflammatory bowel syndrome, dark circles around the eyes, allergies, hay fever, common colds, stomach aches, narcolepsy, sleeping difficulties, inflammation, enhancing the immune system, and many more.

What If We Are Approaching Pain All Wrong?

When you have pain, do you just take an ibuprofen or naproxen? Covering up the “check engine” light with tape is the equivalent to taking anti-inflammatory medications to mask the problem when feeling aches and pains.

Wisdom in Wellness

Wisdom in wellness is holistic wellness of the body, the mind, and the soul. Wellness wisdom begins with the mind, which controls the body. However, because you are living in the physical world, your body is exposed to all sensations perceived by its five senses. As a result, your body with its desires may have positive or negative impact on the mind. In order to enhance your mind power, you must seek the help and guidance of the soul, which plays only a passive role in that it will not voluntarily provide guidance unless the mind deliberately seeks it. Wisdom of wellness of the body, the mind, and the soul is inter-related and inter-dependent on one another.

Managing My Own Health Care

Our health care industry in the United States has changed. Is it better or worse, and what can we do to provide better health to ourselves and to those we love?

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