What is CBD Pain Cream Good For?

What is CBD Pain Cream Good For?

When CBD topicals are applied to the skin, it creates a local effect. In other words, the CBD is only going to affect the area you apply it to.
This is because the CBD can penetrate the skin and target localized cannabinoid receptors, and doesn’t need to bypass any digestion process.



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The Enzyme Factor

The rate of chemical reactions is dependent upon the abundance of the reactants. If you burn a cigarette in an environment of pure oxygen, the cigarette will burn hot enough to melt steel. In biology the reactants are never seemingly that concentrated and in fact may be so typically low, left to their own, that it would make life impossible if it were not for the work of enzymes. Enzymes in living cells are protein structures that function to catalyze reactions. There are two main types, metabolic and digestive.

Can This Really Help Anxiety, Depression, Memory, and Fatigue?

For many years now research has linked exercise with better physical health. More recently, a strong link has been established between mental health, improved brain function, and exercise. However, most of this research has focused on the effect of aerobic conditioning. As a trainer for 30 years, I’ve always found that another type of training was at least equally, if not more, important. In this article, we’ll look at the powerful, and perhaps surprising, benefits of strength training. It’s great for your body, heart, and mind!

ATP-Synthase – Is It a Plasma Gun?

The inner compartment of the mitochondria is convoluted. It’s shape is the result of electric forces distorting the membrane with proton flow creating the outer and inner cristae, but by two separate mechanisms. The inner membrane is the site of the electron transport chain reactions and it is extremely negatively charged. This charge separation creates a crystal form of water that has semi-conductor properties. In fact much of the inner compartment will have the electrical properties of a PNP-junction semi-conductor as a result of this. And in this environment the negative charge field is strong enough to break down the N region and force the protons out along the path of the outer cristae in a column, and ejects them into the outer compartment. Once so ejected and now removed from the strong crystal P-type region…

Plasma Biology

Energy is charge separation. This is not difficult to observe first hand with material reality, that is to say matter. Matter has both mass, and the character of displacing space, and this in turn is responsible for the charge separation we know as gravity as per Einstein.

Natural Herbal Remedies for an Upper Respiratory Infection

From the vast herb fields of China to your herbal medicine cabinet, Astragalus root is one of the best known natural herbal remedies for treating an upper respiratory infection, such as bronchitis. As a preventative, Astragalus root helps fend off viruses and bacteria for people who are prone to upper respiratory infections. Typically, as with traditional Chinese medicine, this dried root is combined with several other herbs for use in teas, capsules or tinctures.

Turmeric Studies Show Big Promise

The National Institutes of Health lists 24 turmeric studies. A prominent physician found it a key component of more than 200 studies on cancer and over 100 studies on arthritis and Alzheimer’s Disease.

Embracing Colon Therapy: Top 9 Reasons People Use Colonic Therapy

Why would a person use colonic therapy? Many think the procedure will present challenges. Actually, colon therapy is gaining popularity with use as it helps to relieve painful stomach and intestinal issues so a person can feel good on the inside. Learn a few reasons why you might want to consider using colonics to improve your colon health.

Malic Acid Effective For Fibromyalgia

Malic acid is involved in energy production in both anaerobic and aerobic conditions. Many believe that it is effective to control toxicity in the body such as when the body is exposed to aluminum. Aluminum toxicity is thought to be related to fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia or FM is a health disorder that mostly affects women that are middle aged. It often involves stiffness in the muscles, musculoskeletal pain and tenderness at various points in the body. It is often associated with other conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome and irritable bowel syndrome.

Discover How Going Holistic With Crohn’s Disease Can Complete Your Treatment

There is a very dramatic pattern that has been emerging among Crohn’s sufferers today. Based on my reading and research, I see, an increased trend in people taking on more of an active role in managing and controlling their own Crohn’s Disease condition.

Ayurveda Medicine

Ayurveda means the science of life. Followers and practitioners alike believe in this ancient form of medicine as well as its philosophy of treating the whole person.

15 Small Steps in the Right Wellness Direction for 2012

Many health conditions can be traced at least in part to the accumulated effect of thousands of small, everyday actions. Now, at the threshold of a new year, commit to moving in the direction of better wellness. Begin with these simple tips.

Some ‘Handy’ Tips for Balancing Holiday Stress

Busy moms know that the most joyous time of year can also be the most stressful. Having so much to do with so little time can really take a toll on our energy, our emotions and our bodies. Here are some quick and ‘handy’ tips for stress relief right at the tip of your fingers…

Stainless Steel Soap: Does It Work?

After reading that stainless steel soap would remove body odor, I bought a bar and gave it a try. To my amazement, it worked. I then researched what other users experiences were with stainless steel soaps.

Holistic Health – What It Is?

Holistic health is all about getting properly treated in every aspect of the human person such as the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional levels. It has continued to generate arguments and counter arguments in several quarters.

The Power You Have to Heal Your Body

You can heal yourself and your body issues – all by yourself! You have far greater personal power to heal your body and fix your health than you know. Be your own health authority by learning how to get the interferences to your body’s health out of the way.

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