The endocannabinoid system is a homeostatic regulator of neuronal activity and almost every other physiological system in the body. It has a regulatory role on pain, inflammation, memory, emotion, sleep and metabolic function.

It comprises a vast network of receptors in the brain, central and peripheral nervous system and cannabis-like compounds called endocannabinoids.

It has been likened to a dimmer switch, constantly working to bring balance when there is too much or too little activity in the body.
Plant cannabinoids like CBD and THC interact with the endocannabinoid system, which researchers believe may explain some of the reported physiological effects of the cannabis plant.

Scientists also believe that when this system isn’t working correctly, diseases can occur. This is known as Endocannabinoid Deficiency and could be at the root of many conditions such as migraines, fibromyalgia, IBS and multiple sclerosis.

Recent research has demonstrated that active compounds from other plants species such as carrot (Daucus carota), kava (Piper methyscum), New Zealand liverwort (Radula marginata), ginger (Zingiber officinale) and black pepper (Piper nigrum) contain compounds which interact with the endocannabinoid system.

Ayurvedic Management of Mucopolysaccharoidoses

Mucopolysaccharoidoses are a group of metabolic disorders resulting from the absence or altered functioning of enzymes in the cell- lysozomes – which are responsible to break down big sugar molecules that help to build bone, cartilage, tendon, corneas, skin and connective tissue in the cells. It is a congenital disorder. Clinical presentation of mucopolysaccharoidosis a wide range of symptoms including, Defective development and functioning of muscles and bones, Defective functioning of visceral organs, Altered metabolism, Defective development of brain etc.

Chinese Herbal Medicine: Herbal Preparations

It is very common to buy herbs in capsules or tablets and an easy way to use herbs. In times past there were many ways to prepare the herbs for use, the most common method being the decoction or tea.

Enjoy Better Health With Customized Alternative Medical Care

There are ways of controlling and overcoming chronic diseases naturally. As a matter of fact, while modern medicine may combat symptoms and help keep things under control, the only way of finding a permanent solution is implementing some changes in your lifestyle and eating habits. Wouldn’t it be nice never having to use another insulin injection for diabetes, for example? Believe it or not, this is achievable. What would you be willing to do to reach that goal?

Homeopathic Medicines – A Natural System of Medicinal Therapy

Getting healthy sometimes means looking at other ways of healing. Homeopathic medicines can provide a natural system of medicinal therapy, which could be the solution you have been looking for. There are many contributing factors to illnesses that you might not be aware off.

8 Ways to Have the Best Holidays Ever

The holiday season is now upon us, and with it comes the hope that this one will be truly magical. However, many of us women quickly get bogged down in busyness, stress and old patterns which leave us frustrated and exhausted. What if I waved a magic wand so that you can glide through the holidays with ease and joy?

The Most Common Types of Human Intestinal Parasites

Parasites are diverse groups of infective organisms that use different strategies to infect their hosts. Parasites are not only known to infect humans, they are also ever-present among animal groups and plants. Some parasites are found in the external parts of the body, while others can thrive on the inside, usually in the intestinal tracts.

A Chiropractor’s Health Tips For A Longer Life

Living a long, healthy life, in most cases, involves more than just having good genes, eating right and exercising. There are a few basic health tips you may be missing that could mean the difference between living a REALLY healthy life… and just getting by. In this article, the author lists three important health factors that are often overlooked by most medical, and even many holistic, health professionals.

The Easiest Thing to Do to Relieve Stress

Most women today are used to dealing with a certain amount of stress each day. Just the daily task of getting everyone up and out of the door each morning can be stressful enough. And once you arrive home in the evening your day doesn’t stop. You’re now faced with getting dinner, helping with homework and doing chores around the home. And as the holiday season approaches, many of us women experience even more stress with more to do than usual. How can you possibly deal with all of this and keep your sanity?

Loving the Image

You are created in the image of God; it means that if you want to shake God, you don’t need to go to heaven to shake him, you can use your right hand to shake your left hand. If you want to hug God, you can hug your neighbor. Appreciate the image you see, it is a form of worship. You cannot appreciate others if you don’t appreciate yourself. If you are any different from whom you are now, there will be a problem.

“I will confess and praise You for You are fearful and wonderful and for the awful wonder of my birth! Wonderful are Your works, and that my inner self knows right well.” (Psalm 139:14). On a lighter note, when we are given forms to write the names of the most beautiful and the most handsome people we know, we tend to write the names of other people. Is it because we feel they are better looking than us?

When Your Health Makes The Choice For You

Health is a choice, one we take for granted. Ever experience a sickness and you had to stay home? That’s your body making a choice to heal for you. If we don’t heed the smaller healing crisis, we may be faced with a much, much larger one.

Natural Solutions for Attention Deficit Disorder

Some children have difficulty concentrating on one thing at a time and are easily distracted. A number of natural remedies can help improve a child’s ability to concentrate, calm down, relax, and focus while addressing the root causes of this stressful condition.

What We Women Want

The number 1 New Year’s Resolution has been to lose weight ever since people have been making resolutions. Women are the biggest wishers, but men have their fair share. It’s still just a wish, unless you add these components!

7 Unusual Health Practices

There are definitely some strange health practices out there. While some work well with most of us, there are others that are totally off-the-mark. Call them crazy or weird, but there are some health practices that just don’t make sense at all. Let’s see some of those peculiar practices.

Health and Spirituality

Unless we open up to this holistic definition of mankind, our questions and our efforts would always be half rewarded. We all know what Einstein famously quoted, “Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind

IBS Disorder and the Homeopathic Approach

Do you constantly feel bloated and suffer from stomach cramps? Then you might be suffering from IBS. Learn about IBS disorder and the homeopathic approach to get your gut healthy again.

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