What’s Hemp Extract? Is Hemp Extract the same as CBD?

Freeze-Dried Bee Pollen Powder – Discover For Yourself How This Supplement Can Improve Your Health

If you’re curious about how to get the most out of your supplements, freeze-dried bee pollen powder is the way to go. Many who are new to health supplements in general make the mistake of assuming that as long as they’re consuming this substance, it doesn’t matter what form it takes. Here are a few reasons why freeze-dried is the way to go.

Why Some Are Hesitant To Try Zeolite

Zeolite is a naturally occurring mineral with the number one purpose of eradicating toxins from the body. Everything that you take in, either food or drink, has some ingredients that are not good for you. Frankly, too much of anything can cause problems for you, and those problems often go unnoticed until it is too late.

Bee Pollen Myth – Discover What’s Fact and What’s Fiction When It Comes to This Amazing Supplement

Unfortunately, when researching the world of health supplements, it’s not uncommon to run across a bee pollen myth or two. Discerning proven facts from lies can be quite difficult. Here is a comprehensive guide to help you debunk the myths and learn the truth about what this amazing substance is really capable of.

Why Is Silica Good for You?

Silica is in fact a trace mineral, meaning your body only requires a very little bit of it to remain healthy. Silica is located mainly within the connective tissues – skin, blood vessels, cartilages, bones, teeth, tendons and hair. Silica is actually advantageous for the sake of the circulation system’s walls (the aorta is has truly high levels of silica).

What’s Important to Know About Silica?

In 1939, the Nobel Price laureate for chemistry, Professor Adolf Butenant, demonstrated that existence is not possible without silica. Based on his research, carried out at Columbia College in 1972, silica is a vital nutrient and should be provided to our bodies continuously, from food sources. With the mineral depleted foods of our days, we no longer find what our bodies need in foods, and a supplementation might be needed.

Use Silica As the Best Anti-Aging Ally

We grow older with every day that passes. And with this entire process of getting older come many undesirable things: from general bodily frailty to losing aesthetic appeal and onto losing that youthful vigor which many youthful people ignore, till they begin losing it. Everyone knows that there’s nothing we are able to do and stop the passing of time.

High Amounts of Silica Are Contained in the Horsetail Plant

The horsetail plant, also known as Equisetum, is a member of the Equisetaceae plant family. It is broadly used the term “horsetail” for this plant, since it is easier to pronounce, and it resembles a real tail of a horse very much. The plant looks exactly like hair is growing from it.

Top 3 Omega Three Fatty Acid Health Benefits

There are many people who have heard about Omega 3 from health magazines, nutritional websites and other trusted sources in the media. But few actually know what the Omega 3 fatty acid health benefits really are.

Can Nutritional Supplements Replace Entire Meals Safely?

Anyone who’s ever seen the cartoon “The Jetsons” has seen the meal in a pill concept played out. Although that is not yet a reality completely, there are ways to take a specially formulated vitamin in place of one or two meals a day. It’s a lot like the milkshake diet where you take a nutritious and low calorie shake for breakfast and lunch then eat a sensible dinner.

Discover The Secrets Behind High Quality Bee Pollen!

Let’s face it: finding the best high quality bee pollen isn’t always easy. With so many brands and types out there, choosing the ideal supplement for you can seem quite overwhelming. Here are a few ways you can narrow down your search and make absolutely sure that your supplements are safe, healthy, and efficient.

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