What’s In Your CBD Oil? OUTSIDE THE BOX conversations with Ben Rogers

In this episode of OUTSIDE THE BOX conversations, we have Bob Wills, Vice President of Viapure CBD, giving us an inside look at how CBD products are sourced and what ingredients to look for on the label.
Ben Cohen: I’ve known Bob since he was a tiny little boy, and he and I are about the same age. Ben: I went to the University of Georgia for undergrad as a pre-med biology and chemistry student, stuck it out through medical school, and ended up in the chemical and ingredient distribution world in Dallas, Texas. From a food beverage nutrition standpoint and personal care health and wellness products, the biggest obstacle is that the FDA has yet to rule on whether or not CBD should be classified as a hemp business. Ben Cohen (BC): There are several good manufacturing practices to assist you in obtaining a good manufacturing practice to aid in the sale of your product. Today’s emphasis will be on, of course, CBD and one of the brands we introduced, but it will also serve as a segue to our business. I’ve worked for Viacom for the past 13 years, and our focus is on the specialty chemical ingredient distribution world.

On Monday at 10 p.m. ET on iReporter, we’ll be back with another episode of outside-the-box conversations with Ben Cohen and Bob Wills.

I’m just grateful that you and I have had the opportunity to chat a lot over the last year because you guys are doing some pretty fascinating things down in Georgia, and you know, I’ve rekindled a friendship with you as of late says co-host bob wills. We’re like, “Ok, we need to get in this game.” The 2018 farm bill, along with some other legislation, has opened things up. The main obstacle is the standardization of hemp. NOT True In our business, there’s a lot of relabeling from an ingredients standpoint, so getting that exposure in the whole supply chain to make sure the CBD or MCT oil is what it says it is, and that’s the one thing that drives my wife nuts. I think some of my family members crazy, looking at organic natural all these different things.

Since there’s only so much time and you’re only in front of a patient or a customer for xx number of minutes, you can’t go into every single ingredient. Still, we hope to be able to have the visibility into the process that says, hey, this amino is a source tier every time you take our product.”

Even some of your larger fortune five or fortune 500 companies that would have you know this manufacturer’s approved well this they’re not a manufacturer they’re a brand or distributor that buys from this trader that purchases from this manufacturer, so it’s been relabeled several times. So I think it’s kind of hard to know if you’re not in the nitty-gritty of it every single time, so I guess it’s kind of hard to see if you’re not. “Because of how it all ties together, I’m switching from a palm mct to a coconut MCT. And that’s why we’re moving towards an organic x versus a conventional x.

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