Wyoming supporters launch medical cannabis, decriminalization voting campaigns

Wyoming supporters are handing out two cannabis reform petitions for 2022 ballot paper – one to legalize medical cannabis and another to decriminalize possession, Fox reports 13 Now. The proposals are due to be presented to the Foreign Minister today.

To get a ballot initiative in next year’s Wyoming midterm elections, supporters must collect 100 sponsor signatures. If approved by the State Department, activists will have to obtain nearly 31,000 verified signatures across the state over the next year. In addition to cannabis-oriented organizations, the plan is supported by the National Libertarian Party.

Wyoming lawmakers declined to propose medical cannabis bill during this year’s session, and is only one of six states, along with Idaho, Kansas, Tennessee, Alabama, and South Carolina, that have not legalized cannabis in any form.

Christine Stenquist, the director of Together for Responsible Use and Cannabis Education (TRUCE), which supported Utah’s medical cannabis voting initiative, is now working on reforms in Wyoming. She told Fox 13 that while she expected opposition to reforms in Wyoming, she didn’t think proponents would “see the same struggle”.

“I don’t leave anything to chance. I’m not going to leave it to lawmakers like we did here in Utah. I will drive a voting initiative and give patients what they deserve. … We don’t have the same interest groups in Wyoming as you do here. especially the [Latter Day Saints] Church is not the big adversary we are concerned about in Wyoming. ”- Stenquist to Fox 13

The Wyoming Medical Association and state law enforcement officials rejected an attempt to legalize medical cannabis in 2016 and attempted to pass the reforms through lawmakers.

A University of Wyoming poll published last year found an overwhelming majority of support for medical cannabis (85%) and decriminalization (75%), while 54% of those polled were in favor of widespread legalization.

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